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Use Case:

Smart city services that enrich lives

Quick-start your smart city journey with end-to-end smart city applications

As cities change and grow rapidly, smart city services offer powerful tools for enhancing livability, sustainability, and overall efficiency. Nokia can help you deploy end-to-end services that put your city on the path to becoming a more satisfying place to live and visit — while reducing your operating costs and the city’s impact on the environment.

Challenge: The pressures of urban growth

The global population shift to urban areas is creating new challenges for cities. You need better ways to promote a thriving economy, improve operating efficiency, and maintain the safety and well-being of your citizens. You must also address the city’s impact on the environment. Although many cities understand that smart city services can address these challenges, the best path to developing them is often unclear.

Solution: State-of-the-art, end-to-end smart city services

Smart city services provide streamlined ways to meet the challenges of mobility, public services, and safety — while promoting sustainability. Nokia makes it faster and easier to deploy these powerful tools, by offering end-to-end applications that focus on cities’ most common concerns. All applications use the same mission-critical network and IoT infrastructure for greater security, efficiency, and scalability.

Speed deployment


Start offering innovative smart city services faster with help from Nokia

Reduce costs


Decrease your city’s operating expenses — and impact on the environment

Improve quality of life


Make your city a more pleasant place to live and visit

Better mobility
Ease the flow of cars and people with smart mobility services. Simplify bus connections. Offer a real-time view of available parking. Monitor crowds in public venues.

Smart energy usage
Offer tools to use energy resources more efficiently in homes and businesses, as well as for public lighting.

City safety
Smart city resources can also enhance public safety with video-surveillance analytics, an integrated command and control center, and enhanced communications for first responders.

Efficient healthcare
Remote monitoring applications can improve healthcare in your city, while keeping costs under control.

City entertainment
Smart tools can enhance the fun and safety of large events, as well as improve the experience of tourists visiting your city.


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