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Smart City

Enabling the human possibilities of smart cities

Intelligent infrastructure and applications developed by and for citizens lead to smarter, safer and more sustainable cities.

Technology is empowering cities to respond quickly to demographic and economic shifts. However, smarter infrastructure and applications only make a difference when they enrich people’s lives. Responsive, flexible technology that works for humanity is what makes smart cities “smart”, creating a safer and sustainable environment.

Nokia is uniquely positioned to help governments, communications service providers and large enterprises deliver on the promise of smart cities. Our solutions are designed to provide shared, secure and scalable platform that ensures the best use of urban resources and data to enable the human possibilities of smart, safe and sustainable cities.

Working with an open partner ecosystem including diverse organizations - technology vendors, application developers, service providers, system integrators, utility companies, research institutions and others -, Nokia continuously explores new systems, applications, content, devices and services.

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Nokia’s IoT for Smart Cities is a fully integrated modular and scalable framework to efficiently deliver and manage smart city services . This enables operators and master systems integrators (MSI’s) to take advantage of unified smart city management, while unlocking new revenue streams by rapidly launching new smart city services addressing city council needs. The ‘fully integrated’ approach fulfils the vital requirement of a connected landscape that is shared, secure and scalable - where every ‘thing’ can talk to each other to make tomorrow’s cities smart, safe and sustainable.

City cloud

Benefit from an open cloud architecture that supports low latency, high bandwidth and highly secure connections between data centers.

Virtualize your network services and meet just-in-time demands from multiple agencies.

City-wide access

Improve the citizen experience by extending broadband coverage and capacity to every neighborhood and street.

Reduce your network’s carbon footprint by deploying smaller and more efficient equipment in urban environments.

City shared network

Build a single shared IP and multi-service platform to optimize your city’s resource usage while allowing each public organization to manage its own requirements.

City Unified Management

Increase efficiency and responsiveness while reducing operating costs through unified orchestration and management of smart city services, devices and applications

Enable application setup and updates, efficient use of data and analytics to create value for your city.

Wifi4EU: Give your citizens high-quality, free Wi-Fi service


Create smarter cities with services designed to enable IoT transformation. Nokia Services combines business consulting and network optimization expertise with multivendor capabilities and an integrated end-to-end approach.

IoT and cyber security

Take a comprehensive approach to security with the NetGuard security portfolio. NetGuard uses security analytics and threat intelligence to protect the smart city and prevent infections.

Machina Research playbook: Smart, safe and sustainable cities

A survey based on 22 cities to learn on cities’ real-life experiences and get unique insights on best practices — helping other municipal governments create cities that expand the human possibilities of the connected world.

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Smart city: IoT brought to life

A smart city platform to improve citizens’ quality of life, foster economic growth, create opportunities for new development and infrastructure renewal, and support sustainability initiatives.

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Connected Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

IoT Community of the Ng Connect program for creating your city’s value

Bringing together local and market-leading companies to collaborate on smart city concepts, business models and market trials.

Discover the IoT Community ecosystem Explore the ng Connect portfolio