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Use Case:

National broadband enriches lives

Help your nation succeed in a hyperconnected global economy

National broadband can bring wide-ranging social and economic benefits across regions — and offer new ways for people to learn, innovate, do business, and communicate. Nokia can help you provide affordable, sustainable national broadband connectivity for your citizens and businesses. We have experience, expertise, and an end-to-end portfolio of products and services to fit your needs.

Challenge: Solving the ubiquitous broadband equation

To deliver national broadband connectivity, governments must address financial, regulatory, and infrastructure requirements — which range from the planning stages through completion. These complex issues include finding effective ways to attract long-term investors, develop the right regulatory framework, and build a sustainable infrastructure.

Solution: An experienced, knowledgeable partner

Governments launching their own national broadband projects need to work with a trusted partner like Nokia, who understands the complexities. We have end-to-end experience on government-driven initiatives — from planning and designing to building and operating national broadband networks. We also offer a full portfolio of best-in-class network technologies to meet every need.

More competitive

Your citizens in underserved areas finally connect to the digital economy

More attractive

Better broadband connections draw new residents and businesses

Greater opportunity

You can develop and deploy digital services that further enrich communities

What Nokia offers

We can work with you throughout the entire national broadband project cycle to simplify deployment. Our approach includes:

Early engagement with government and regulators

We help governments define a path forward, based on our experience with earlier government-driven broadband initiatives — and by working with our Nokia Bell Labs consulting team. The goal is to find successful, innovative ways to unlock the growth potential of technologies.

Cooperation with key stakeholders

We can identify and work with key stakeholders, which may range from private investors to wholesale service providers, equipment vendors, and even construction companies. By bringing together all parties, we make the end-to-end process easier for you.

Best-in-class network technologies and services

We also offer a leading portfolio of products and services. They range from fixed and wireless ultra-broadband to IP and optical networking — as well as operations and business subsystems (OSS/BSS) and professional services. Our approach is agnostic, selecting the technologies and services that are best for meeting your financial and performance requirements.


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