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Use Case:

Give forces information superiority with mobile broadband

Upgrade your operational and tactical communications with mission-critical LTE

New mobile broadband communications could help defense forces operate at their best. But to deliver the latest data, video, and IoT services, you need a secure, resilient mobile broadband data infrastructure. Nokia can help you build an LTE network that meets your specific military requirements — enabling rich multimedia information and giving forces information superiority.

Challenge: Inherent limitations in existing networks

Current military operational and tactical networks provide reliable, secure voice services. But they cannot support new broadband applications, such as video surveillance, geo-location — or high-speed data exchanges. Instead, their data capabilities are limited to the narrowband range, and they are often costly, proprietary systems.

Solution: Evolve to LTE communications for defense

Nokia helps you leverage technology advances by adding mobile broadband capabilities to your operational and tactical networks. Our solutions meet your specific needs with end-to-end, mission-critical LTE networks and rapidly deployable systems — based on our market-leading, commercial, off-the shelf products. With this foundation, new multimedia applications can greatly enhance your forces’ situational awareness.

Greater awareness


Mobile broadband technology delivers more information — faster — for better informed, safer military operations

High security


Mission-critical LTE provides the crucial reliability and security required for military communications

Reduced TCO


You can count on mission-critical performance, using standards-based, commercial LTE equipment

Our end-to-end approach

Nokia can act as your trusted partner while you evolve to an LTE network for defense. We have experience working closely with military organizations, provide expertise in the latest communication technologies, and offer an end-to-end solution to simplify network deployment.

A portfolio tailored to military needs
In addition to end-to-end LTE networks, we offer a family of rapidly deployable LTE systems, existing in various form factors (from in-vehicle to backpack-sized).

Mission-critical service availability
Our solutions are designed with redundant equipment and power supplies, along with support for any network topologies and features that enhance end-to-end network resiliency.

Traffic and user prioritization
We also use 3GPP standards to prioritize critical communications and include mechanisms to optimize quality of service.

Network security
Our solutions provide multi-layered security and certified encryption to keep critical information and soldiers safe. Additional military-grade security solutions can easily be added to comply with the most stringent cyber-security requirements.

New applications
We help you leverage LTE capabilities to deploy the video, mission-critical communications, and IoT applications you choose for improving forces’ situational awareness.


Bring broadband communications into the field


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