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Large enterprises

Business transformation needs digital transformation

Digital data availability, processes automation, value chain interconnection, and customer-centric interfaces are driving digital transformation in businesses and redefining industries. Further, digital transformation enables many Web-native companies to cross over into large enterprise markets and upend the status quo. Enterprises that implement successful digital transformation efforts will be at a competitive advantage while laggards will be fighting for their survival.

Use cases for large enterprises

While most attention is paid to the application used by the customer, the core enabler for digital transformation is the cloud that serves the application. And, the glue of the cloud is the underlying network.

To illustrate the power of the network, Nokia has created cloud use cases; vertical-specific offerings that illustrate in detail how large enterprises can use the network to both better serve their customers and compete against industry peers and new crossover vendors.

Transform your large enterprise environment into a leading-edge DevOps cloud

Leverage a large enterprise DevOps Cloud to enhance customer experience

Leverage the best of private and public cloud for large enterprises

Upgrade your environment into a private cloud without needing a forklift.


Unify even the most complex large enterprise environment

Unify and simplify a large enterprise environment into a cloud.

Secure your large enterprise cloud environment from end-to-end

Provide robust security for your large enterprise cloud environment.

Discover our building blocks for large enterprises use cases

The Nokia offerings that are used to build in our use cases and cloud solutions are described in more detail below.


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