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Agile Optical Network and Microwave Packet Radio for Highways

A WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) optical communication network opens the gates to increased flexibility to introduce new bandwidth hungry applications and services, while reducing cost of operations and still maintaining safety and security.

Transportation operators recognize the benefits of an additional WDM layer, and equally appreciate the benefits that WDM provides during the transition from their existing SDH legacy optical infrastructure towards the final converged IP/MPLS infrastructure. Nokia WDM optical networks support a temporary hybrid communications platform allowing the various subsystems to migrate at their own speed. There is no need to rip and replace existing legacy networks or applications, enabling a smooth migration to the future.

Microwave Packet Radio (MPR) is also an optimized solution that provides a wireless backhauling networking function to build high-bandwidth, mission-critical transmission networks.

Solution components

CWDM and DWDM photonic service switches and microwave packet radio equipment for backhauling

Optical portfolio

Wireless Transmission (Microwave) portfolio


High bandwidth services run on the same network and systems

  • Greater network capacity and performance able to support high-bandwidth applications, such networked CCTV and data center interconnection
  • Network able to support mission-critical communications with low latency requirements
  • Cyber-attack protection with a L1 encryption feature
  • Native integration of the Microwave Packet Radio solution with IP/MPLS routers to reduce network total cost of ownership
  • Unified management platform to reduce costs

How can Nokia help?

  • Nokia drives the evolution and convergence of today’s WANs with new optical and microwave standards. The company is an expert in mission-critical communications projects, providing services to design, install, and maintain the solution. With our optics, microwave, IP/MPLS and LTE portfolio, highway-industry experience in mission-critical IP and ultra-broadband Infrastructure, Nokia has all the elements that highway operators need to simplify their network transformation and reduce OPEX while increasing competitiveness and achieving greater control over their business.