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Digital health, better care


Transform care and lower costs with real-time healthcare solutions from Nokia

As healthcare organizations face the challenge of becoming more effective while reducing costs, digital transformation has the best potential to achieve these goals. Today, manual processes continue to dominate healthcare. Securely automating the healthcare system as it moves to support more digital workflows means that a cloud capable healthcare IT foundation will be necessary.

At the heart of the IT foundation, is the network. A cloud-native network infrastructure must be developed to support the data analytics, increasing digital endpoints, and automation that will transform care and lower its costs.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Our solutions provide the foundational IT building blocks to support better patient care, experience, and operational efficiency. They help you move to a network-connected private–hybrid cloud infrastructure that speeds processes, balances resources, and eliminates waste.

To advance, health systems must securely connect facilities, systems, staff, and patients building automation into the technology infrastructure. Departments need to implement solutions to streamline processes and achieve better patient experience and outcomes. These goals cannot be achieved without the network.


Transform your network

The best staff and latest technologies are not effective, if the health system network infrastructure is incapable of supporting its activities. Our state-of-the-art network solutions provide foundational networking solutions to support your transition to a cloud-native architecture. Learn more

Secure your infrastructure

Healthcare is increasingly facing new security threats and needs the ability to identify, detect, and protect against attacks. Our products can help secure traditional and cloud-based network architectures and protect end users and Internet of Things (IoT) devices from cyber threats. Learn more.

Ready for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The IoMT promises to create many benefits for patients and clinicians, but has the potential to place thousands, or even millions, of medical devices on the healthcare network. Our IoMT platform handles every aspect of data collection, event processing, device management, data contextualization, data analytics, end-to-end security and applications enablement. Learn more.

Monitor patients remotely

Remote patient monitoring can help reduce hospital readmissions and managed health conditions at home and on the go. Our smart devices and patient care platform helps to support patients in the effective management of conditions like hypertension, congestive heart failure, stroke, and other chronic conditions. Learn more.

Learn why networks are essential for real-time healthcare