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Cloud Infrastructure for Digital Health


Cloud Infrastructure for Digital Health

Private and hybrid healthcare cloud models meet your specific security, cost and interoperability requirements

Cloud is a critical enabler of any organization's digital transformation. As a healthcare provider, you, too, need to develop a cloud strategy to help you deliver on your organization's digital transformation.

Cloud is a foundational framework for building, deploying, and operating digital healthcare. An agile, automated, and programmable infrastructure, cloud can mean faster innovation and enhanced workflows. It offers access to greater knowledge for better patient care. And it maintains the security and governance you require.

It's also flexible, offering different forms of cloud delivery that can best meet your organization's specific needs.

While most think of the public cloud when they hear the term, cloud can be implemented in different ways through public, private, and hybrid models. Choose deployment models that best match your requirements for security, cost, and operational flexibility.

Making that choice, however, can be one of the biggest challenges for those wanting to take advantage of cloud technology. Most healthcare organizations will not move their entire operations away from their own private infrastructure, especially when they have legacy solutions, complex integrations, or regulatory constraints. That does not mean, however, that they have to forego the cloud.

Healthcare providers should choose private cloud when:

  • They are required to meet strict compliance and regulatory guidelines and must be transparent and auditable.
  • They have made significant investments in datacenters and health IT infrastructure across the care delivery system.
  • Their applications are mission-critical.

Designing a private cloud should always be done with hybrid interoperability in mind, using open standards. Why? In the future, some applications may be deemed suitable for a public cloud, or you may need to connect to another healthcare community cloud. By designing for a hybrid environment, Nokia can help you futureproof your infrastructure to ensure interoperability and make your environments more scalable.

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