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Case study: New Zealand Ultra-Fast Broadband plan


Case study: New Zealand Ultra-Fast Broadband plan

Ultra-fast broadband makes New Zealand more competitive

As part of an economic transformation, New Zealand has entered a new and exciting communications era through its ambitious national Ultra-Fast Broadband plan.

“We’ll look at it in hindsight and say this was the best investment for New Zealand’s future.” — Steven Joyce, minister for economic development

The New Zealand experience can be replicated around the world and offers best practices and lessons learned, shared here with you.

This video case study describes the inspired vision of the New Zealand government as it acts to raise the country’s competitiveness, the pivotal role we played in the project, and best practices that can be replicated around the world.

See how the New Zealand government, retailers, private partners, and telecommunications services wholesalers worked together to deliver ultra-fast broadband across the country.

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Improving New Zealand's competitiveness

The supply side: Delivering the connection

Watch the testimonials of the main players who brought a successful national open-access broadband infrastructure to New Zealand.


This wholesale operator is the primary builder behind the ultra-fast broadband network.
Mark Ratcliffe, CEO

Crown Fibre Holdings

This entity was established to manage the New Zealand government’s NZ$1.5 billion investment in ultra-fast broadband.
Graham Mitchel, CEO


As a trusted technology and business partner to Chorus, we provided core IP networking, open access technology, consulting and managed services.
Seán O’Halloran, President and managing director Australia & New Zealand

New Zealand Government

Through its Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the New Zealand Government led the ambitious effort to reframe the nation’s economy.

The demand side: Connecting with the people

See how New Zealanders benefit from the Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative.

High-tech farming

Improving efficiency and productivity with broadband services.


Giving every child the opportunity to succeed.



Providing better services to people and businesses.


Connecting a software company to the world.

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