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IOT World Congress 2017

IOT Barcelona 2017
October 03-05, 2017
Barcelona, Spain

Nokia is a silver sponsor of the event.

Nokia Speakers

Panel session: Connected Infrastructure - How Do Vehicles Interact with Infrastructure
Moderator: Said Tabet, Senior Technology Startegist, Corporatee CTO Office_Dell Technologies
Speaker: Ankur Bhan, Head of WING and Head of Managed Services strategy and partnership, Nokia
Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Time: 12:15-12:50
Cross Industry Track
Session# CIBS6
Session Title: Connected Infrastructure: How Do Vehicles Interact with Infrastructure
Session Description: To achieve success with connected cars and autonomous vehicles, weneed an end-to-end ecosystem where all the infrastructure involved is connectedand ensures the optimal function of every contributor. This panel will discussthe key challenges and opportunities with connected vehicles and how they canbe leveraged in use cases including those not directly related to autonomousdriving as well as the use of AI to support digital mobile services.
Moderator: Said Tabet, Senior Technology Strategist,Corporate CTO Office - Dell Technologies
Confirmed Panelist: Ankur Bhan, Director Nokia Managed Services Strategy (Head of WING)

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