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Christian Daigneault, CTO, Smartfren

“Smartfren is deploying the most advanced LTE technology together with the support of Nokia, using hybrid TDD/FDD to achieve the highest speeds with TDD at 2300 MHz and the widest coverage and better in-building penetration with FDD at 850 MHz. This combination allows Smartfren to offer the widest and most reliable LTE Advanced service for Indonesians.”


Paul Hodges, CEO, Smartfren

“Smartfren is proud to officially launch the widest and most reliable 4G LTE service in Indonesia. 4G LTE-Advanced will enable our customers to enjoy improved multimedia streaming, online games, cloud storage and video conferencing. Smartfren is committed to bring the best of 4G LTE technology to Indonesia to deliver not only higher speeds but a more stable and reliable 4G LTE experience. This is in line with our Mission, ‘to enrich customer’s lives through innovative products and services enabled by the widest and most reliable 4G LTE network in Indonesia.’ ”


Sheryl Kingstone, Director, 451 Research

“The majority of current mobile advertising rely on cookies, which show a very low success with a conversion rate of less than 0.1%. With 43% of businesses being in pilot or planning stages, there is demand and will to pay for more contextual data that will help them deliver the right offer to the right consumer, on the right device, at optimal time.”


Patrick Donegan, Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading

“The vulnerability of SS7 to eavesdropping and DDoS** attacks surfaced as an issue for operators during the summer of 2014. As with other vulnerabilities that emerge with older technologies that are expected to remain in the network for a significant period of time, these are vulnerabilities that operators need to be looking to close off.”


Eng. Yasser Shaker, Mobinil Chief Technology Officer

“We are proud to host this global center as part of Mobinil in Egypt, and thanks to our long-term partner Nokia Networks for the excellent support of its committed experts and services. The launch is a testimony to the world-class indigenous talent pool we have here locally that supports the introduction of advanced 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE broadband technologies, not only for our network in Egypt, but also for Orange’s networks across the world.”


Timo Hietalahti, Head of Architecture and Development at TeliaSonera Finland

“Our main priority is to offer our customers faster access to high quality video and more responsive data services. Through this groundbreaking trial of 3X CA our network has delivered high data throughtputs with superior reliability, meaning our customers will benefit from superfast multimedia applications and services once the technology is rolled out commercially.”


Waleed Al Sayed, Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo Qatar

“Our customers demand high-quality services, even in complex hotspots and crowded urban zones. Nokia Networks small cells will enable us to provide just that: more capacity, higher availability and reduced latency. We chose Nokia Networks because the company proved that it can ensure the best network performance.”


Michelle Johnson, Director, Product Line Management, Harris Corporation

“Harris and Nokia Networks’ combined solution makes powerful on-the-scene LTE communications a reality for first responders, even when they must operate in disaster areas or outside their broadband coverage footprint. This deployable solution enables secure, unified emergency communications anywhere, and our collaboration with Nokia Networks has made it possible.”


Johan Wickman, CEO at TT-Network

“So far, no other operator has accomplished a multiradio sharing initiative of such a broad scope. In Nokia Networks, we have a trusted partner with global experience in shared networks that helped us achieve our aim of delivering high-quality services in Denmark.”


Alessandro Anania, 3G office, Kyivstar

“With the rollout of our new 3G network, Ukrainian subscribers will be able to enjoy high-quality voice and Internet services. Our goal is to provide the best network quality across the country.”

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