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Capacity and Connectivity for Cable Operators


Capacity and Connectivity for Cable Operators

Evolve your network to deliver uncompromising services

Gain new agility and manage unprecedented bandwidth demands by expanding your network capacity for the future while making the most of your current cable network investments. Tap into new revenue opportunities by delivering innovative residential and business services through a scalable IP network.

Explore our comprehensive solutions to bring capacity and connectivity for cable operators.

Unified Cable Access

Unlock capacity and cost savings in your head-ends and hubs. Built on the Nokia Gainspeed portfolio of products and a distributed access architecture, the unified cable access solution virtualizes the CCAPto solve the capacity, performance, agility and cost challenges faced by cable operators.

Passive optical networks

Deliver speed and scale to provide gigabit services demanded by residential and business customers. Our PON solutions support cloud-based applications and virtualized environments, opening up new revenue models and opportunities for cable operators.

Unified cable access

Alleviate network pressure while reducing space and power demands at the hub. Flexible edge reduces costs and complexity in the cable hub environment, and provides a flexible, new platform for the deployment of residential and business services.

Carrier Wi-Fi

Deliver reliable connectivity as your customers move between home, work, and play. A comprehensive network of Wi-Fi® hotspots and homespots extends the reach of your cable network. Build a policy-based network to deliver seamless, high-quality service experiences.

IP core routing

Address core network growth with a platform that combines scale and flexibility to keep pace with bandwidth demands and drive new service opportunities while increasing profitability.

IP edge routing

Evolve your network with a flexible, highly efficient IP edge network. Diversify your residential and business services, supply more bandwidth, and drive operational efficiency with agile solutions designed to quickly deliver new services and scale as traffic increases.

Optical networking

Build a scalable, versatile, and dynamic network to support the ever-increasing demand for video- and cloud-based services. A streamlined IP and optical network addresses your network capacity demands and cuts operational costs while offering optimized service availability.

Bell Labs Consulting

Gain clarity and confidence in your cable network investments with Bell Labs Consulting. Our world-renowned experts represent an innovation powerhouse that has earned 33,000 active patents and 8 Nobel Prizes. We help you make pragmatic investment decisions with services that include:

  • Total cost of ownership business case analysis
  • Strategy planning
  • Deployment options

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