Every success has its network

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Our vision is that networks are the foundation of our ultra-connected world and a key part of the go-to-market for nearly every industry. We believe networks need to be built with flexibility, speed and trust. To communicate this vision we are introducing a new tagline: 

Every success has its network

Alcatel-Lucent’s mission is to invent and deliver trusted networks to help our customers unleash their value

Networks, in fact, are at the heart of why our customers turn to Alcatel-Lucent. It’s what we do.  It’s what’s in our DNA. We are committed to delivering trusted networks

When we say “customer” we mean service providers and also our new customers such as extra large enterprises, network platform players, cable providers and certain sectors of government that are all investing in IP networking, ultra-broadband access and the cloud. Not coincidentally, those are the three technologies we chose to specialize in 18 months ago. It is clear that the market is moving to us.

That is good news for our company. All customers want to leverage the network to be able to do more for the people they serve. However, every successful digital service must be supported by the free flow of content through the network.  Our customers in whatever sector all share the same desire to build scalable, multi-tenant, secure networks and, as a result, are trying to address the same three fundamental constraints: limited connectivity, overwhelming complexity and unfulfilled commercialization.  Recognizing these constraints our goal is now to connect our customers’ problems with the Alcatel-Lucent suite of products, services and partnerships that will help them unleash their value and be successful.

Additionally, our leadership in SDN with Nuage Networks, Motive for customer experience and Bell Labs which now offers consulting, are three of our key assets to bring value to our customers, while helping them realize the benefits of full connectivity, reduced complexity and vibrant commercialization. 

This is our moment at Alcatel-Lucent when we’re raising the game, a time when the role of the network to our customer’s success is a strategic imperative. 

More than ever…. Every success has its network. 

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