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New 3G features really can make your whole day so much better


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Let’s take a look at some of our latest enhancements to 3G technology, used by around two billion people worldwide, which can make your entire day a lot more interesting.

We are launching some new software features as part of the Nokia Liquid Radio WCDMA Software Suite that will boost the efficiency of 3G networks and enable operators to better utilize their existing 3G resources.

Nokia powers Swissgrid's advanced new IP/MPLS and Optical communications network


IP routing and optical technologies from Nokia make Swiss electricity transmission system operator's electrical grid more efficient, reliable, safe and secure Press Release June 7, 2016 Espoo, Finland - Nokia has delivered state-of-the-art IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching) and optical technology and services to Swiss electricity transmission system operator Swissgrid for the management of its electrical grid.

Nokia launches NetAct Cloud network management system, helps pave way to 5G


 Press Release NetAct Cloud makes network management more robust, flexible and scalable while improving performance in virtual and hybrid environments New NetAct Fast Pass allows operators to deploy new network capabilities faster - with minimal downtime Flexible software-only deployment means NetAct Cloud can be deployed on the same data center platforms as other IT and telco systems for greater agility and lower operational costs Espoo, Finland - 11 May 2016 Nokia has released a cloud version of its NetAct network management system (NMS).  NetAct Cloud is getting re

Nokia ushers in 100G transport services era with new programmable silicon chipset and next-generation optical networking systems


Press Release

Expanded Nokia1830 PSS portfolio quadruples optical fiber capacity to greater than 70 terabits per second, helping customers meet surging data demand

Photonic Service Engine version 2 chipset offers unprecedented capacity, reach, flexibility, and density, including industry's first single carrier 400G, first long haul 200G and first ultra-long haul 100G

The new 1830 PSS-24x is the world's most scalable packet-OTN switch, providing up to 48 terabits of capacity per rack

5G-ready Nokia AirScale redefines radio access, closes the gap between the IT and telco worlds #MWC16


Press Release 

Nokia's next generation radio access solution runs multiple radio technologies simultaneously in one base station

5G-ready, with virtually unlimited scalability to support massive IoT demand and 5G speeds

Open cloud-based architecture fosters innovation, enables faster software cycles for continuous improvement in performance

"The biggest thing you'll ever see" supports every architecture topology - distributed, centralized, cloud

21 February, 2016

Nokia Network Desk for Loyalty Scores reveals hidden issues affecting customer satisfaction #MWC16


Press Release

Reveals network quality issues that degrade customer loyalty

Links subscriber loyalty with cell level data to improve network performance, customer satisfaction

Low entry level service developed with, and for, our customers

4 February, 2016

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