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New 3G features really can make your whole day so much better


Twitter: @annapietil

Let’s take a look at some of our latest enhancements to 3G technology, used by around two billion people worldwide, which can make your entire day a lot more interesting.

We are launching some new software features as part of the Nokia Liquid Radio WCDMA Software Suite that will boost the efficiency of 3G networks and enable operators to better utilize their existing 3G resources.

Verizon and Nokia conduct live 5G pre-commercial trial in Dallas-Fort Worth #MWC16


Press Release

Collaboration represents first true field trial environment with all tests conducted outdoors and using a residential environment

22 February, 2016

Paving the way for the next generation of public safety communications


Twitter: @joergambrozy

I am very excited about the future of public safety communications and how LTE mobile broadband technology will not only solve interoperability and economies of scale limitations, but also offer new and advanced capabilities, which will truly impact people’s lives.

Telecom industry and European academia join forces to develop a multiservice mobile network architecture for the 5G era


Press Release

5G NORMA project, part of the 5G Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (5GPPP) initiative, will define the overall 5G mobile network architecture, including radio and core networks, to meet the demanding 5G multiservice requirements

Consortium composed of 13 partners among leading industry vendors, operators, IT companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and academic institutions

SK Telecom, Nokia Networks demonstrate LTE low power communication technology for IoT in Korea


Press Release

First demonstration of LTE low power communication technology for Internet of Things (IoT) devices in Korea

Highlights the capabilities of Power Saving Mode in extending the battery life of IoT modems to more than10 years

Validates the potential of half-duplex mode as a viable means to increase IoT connectivity efficiency

Seoul, Korea - 17 November 2015

Indosat, Nokia Siemens Networks conduct Indonesia's first 1800 MHz LTE trial


Jakarta, Indonesia – October 21, 2011
Showcase operator’s readiness to reuse existing spectrum for future 4G deployment

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