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Self driving cars: enroute to 5G


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The zero-accident road network may be a little closer than we thought

Europe’s highways are safer now than they have ever been. Road deaths fell by 18%, in the EU between 2010 and 2014, as new policies and safer vehicles were adopted across the member states. It’s a similar story in the United States, where in 2014 total fatalities also decreased, continuing a trend that has seen deaths fall by 25% in the last 10 years.

Nokia demonstrates world's first 5G-ready network


Press Release Nokia to premiere 5G-ready network at 5G World built using its commercially-available network platforms Demonstrates prowess of Nokia's portfolio and progress towards making 5G a reality beyond laboratory prototypes Nokia Bell Labs demonstrates how this 5G network can simultaneously enable a broad range of new use cases June 28, 2016 5G World, London - Nokia is to make the first ever demonstration of a 5G network running on commercial platforms as part of its showcase at 5G World that will underline the momentum of bringing 5G to commercial reality.

Nokia's Centralized RAN technology deployed by Telefónica to improve the mobile experience at Valencia's Mestalla Stadium


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Operator selects Nokia's innovative suite of technologies to increase capacity and improve uplink throughput

Nokia Flexi Zone Small Cells, Flexi Lite Base Stations also deployed in stadium common areas

First-of-its-kind deployment in Spain to deliver excellent user performance under extreme load conditions

 02 June, 2016

Nokia and Türk Telekom collaborate to advance development of 5G and Internet of Things technologies


Press Release Companies to accelerate development of the 'programmable world' Focus on evolution towards cloud architecture in core and radio networks enabling Network Slicing to meet future demands of applications, devices and people Follows launch and continued deployment of LTE-Advanced in Turkey as first step towards development and testing of 5G technology April 15, 2016 Istanbul, Turkey - Nokia and Türk Telekom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to accelerate the development of 5G radio access network technology and the applications that will drive the Inte

Nokia to transform Telefonica's IP core network to prepare for Ultra HD video, 5G and IoT #MWC16


New converged fixed and mobile network combines Nokia’s physical and virtualized routing technology to improve performance significantly for Telefonica customers

Nokia accelerates centralized RAN deployment with expanded mobile fronthaul solution #MWC16


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Enables operators to offer consumers faster mobile broadband services at a lower cost using a centralized RAN architecture

Creates cost-effective, high-performance fronthaul networks that are proven to work in large scale mobile networks

Accelerates and simplifies deployments with comprehensive OAM tools and vendor-agnostic transport capabilities

10 February, 2016