Bell Labs


Researchers at Bell Labs – Alcatel-Lucent’s research organization – collaborate closely with the company’s customers and product development teams to create the technologies that are transforming the way people connect with each other and with the information around them.

Exceptional people,
remarkable research

Bell Labs - one of the world's foremost technology research institutes brings together exceptional, creative researchers who are reinventing the way we communicate.

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8 Nobel Prizes

Shared by 14 Bell Labs researchers.

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Future Impossible: A Video Series

A deep look into the discoveries and innovations that have changed the course of technology.

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16% of sales invested in research and development at Alcatel-Lucent

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Inventing the future: Getting to market faster

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2015 Bell Labs Prize award winners

The Bell Labs Prize is an international competition to solicit game-changing and impactful ideas that have the potential to change the way we live, work, and communicate with each other.

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Who we are

Our industry is subject to extraordinary forces of change. It is a complex, dynamic terrain that demands “real-world” technology leadership.

Our experts – many of them global leaders in their respective disciplines – collaborate to conduct fundamental and applied research. Their goal: to solve the most formidable networking and communications challenges confronting our world.

Our researchers are continually expanding the capabilities of communications networks –optical, wireless, broadband access, cloud – with breakthrough technologies to make them faster, smarter and greener.

Bell Labs’ scientists have been recognized by many of the world’s most prestigious technology organizations for their contributions to society.

14 of our researchers have shared in 8 Nobel Prizes for discoveries ranging from the invention of the technologies that serve as the foundation for all information technology, to the nature of subatomic particles and the origins of the universe. And 4 of our scientists have been awarded the Japan Prize, including Dennis Ritchie and Kenneth Thompson for developing the UNIX® operating system.

Our researchers provide leadership roles in many of the world’s most influential standards bodies and collaborate with service providers, universities and other research institutions around the world.

Bell Labs is a global organization. Our headquarters is in Murray Hill, New Jersey, with locations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.