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Solutions for automotive OEM networks and the connected car


Where innovation hits the road

Advanced cloud, communications and networking technologies have the potential to transform the car into a fully connected device — forever changing how you engage with customers and collaborate with partners and suppliers.

Our high-performance mobile connectivity and secure device management solutions enable over-the-air connected car services like real-time software updates and sensor-based preventive maintenance.

Our agile high-speed networks and data center technologies bring all of your company branches and dealerships under one virtualized roof for closer collaboration and faster innovation.

We can also help you break down the silos in your IT infrastructure, streamlining workflows so you get the most out of your network investments while putting the full value of your data to work.

All this plus access to a multi-industry innovation ecosystem gives you everything you need to make the connected car a reality today — and unleash a whole new era in automotive innovation.

Discover our building blocks for automotive

Secure data management for millions of vehicles

Transform cars into fully connected devices and change how automakers work.

Application Note

The Connected Service Technician: Market testing the business value of field service automation.


Managing connected fleet

Discover how to support a range of connected car applications securely, flexibly and intelligently.


Driving digital endpoint

The vision of the connected car – and how to make it real.


How can Nokia help make innovative automotive services a reality?

A direct connection to your customers

Advanced networking and communications technologies can help carmakers, OEMs and dealers deliver valued services that boost after-sales revenues — to the point that they eventually exceed traditional sales and service revenues.

Nokia can help you evolve your automotive network into a flexible, agile platform that delivers reliable, high-performance connectivity with end-to end-security to millions of connected vehicles. Our solutions support the rapid service development and device-agnostic management that allow you to build and capitalize on new business models around connected vehicles.

Explore our solutions for the automotive industry

Field-proven in the global telecommunications market, our advanced networking, communications and cloud solutions address automotive industry requirements for connectivity, security and an extended, integrated ecosystem.