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Broadband Anyhaul designed for your 5G world

Increase capacity, enhance service

Broadband Anyhaul helps you meet the challenges of delivering higher capacity with lower latency. It allows you to use existing fiber networks to handle 5G traffic. So, you can tap into the capacity, coverage, cost-efficiency and reliability of fiber. You can meet the requirements of 5G, with advanced traffic management, on a high-capacity, high-density, low-latency network.

It also enables you to improve operational efficiency and deliver new services, while controlling costs and minimizing your time to market with fast, massive roll-outs. There’s no more efficient way to deliver the bandwidth and latency requirements of 5G at scale.

Discover how Broadband Anyhaul delivers the high performance your 5G world will demand

Learn how Broadband Anyhaul delivers the connectivity, capacity and ultra-low latency for your 5G world

Discover how Nokia Broadband Anyhaul helped a US Tier 1 operator meet 4G demand and scale up for 5G

See how CSPs are converging fixed and mobile networks to deliver multiple traffic types

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Learn more about how Nokia's end-to-end, programmable mobile transport solution can make 5G a reality for you, faster.

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