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Nokia 5G Anyhaul: Transport designed for your 5G world

Is your world changing fast enough?

Change is everywhere – touching everything, impacting everyone. The technologies that connect us are reshaping our world faster than ever. And consumers are the driving force – they demand more, want it now and will not put up with poor service.

Being fast to 5G is vital for communications service providers (CSPs). But it's also a big ask at the transport layer. Innovative customer experiences and digital services rely on transport as a fundamental building block of a scalable 5G network. With Nokia 5G Anyhaul – Microwave, IP, Optical and Broadband – you have a comprehensive, capable and programmable 5G transport solution.

Explore what's driving CSPs' 5G ambitions and learn how Nokia Anyhaul can make 5G connectivity a reality

Learn how 5G Anyhaul helps CSPs use mobile transport as the foundation for their transition to 5G

The 5G Anyhaul mobile transport technologies

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IP Anyhaul

Designed to help you with your transport layer challenges

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Optical Anyhaul

Helps you tap into existing infrastructures to deliver extremely high volumes of traffic

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Broadband Anyhaul

Helps you meet the challenges of delivering higher capacity with lower latency

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Microwave Anyhaul

The ideal way to transport data where fiber is not an option

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Learn more about how Nokia's end-to-end, programmable mobile transport solution can make 5G a reality for you, faster.

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