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Latest Launches

Connect fixed subscribers with wireless 5G

Use the power of 5G to increase the value you provide to existing customers and quickly enter new territories with FastMile 5G.

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Meet low latency demands, with capacity where it is needed

Our AirScale All-in-Cloud base station virtualizes real-time functions in the cloud, enabling operators to launch and monetize services with ultra-low latency.

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Nokia AirScale base station for All Generations

Explore how Nokia AirScale delivers superior network performance today and at the same time, ushers in the 5G future.

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Nokia small cells provide new mmWave andmid-band options to ensure optimal indoor and outdoor 5G coverage

Two new additions have been added to the AirScale small cells portfolio that extend the high performance of 5G bothindoors and outdoors and support a wide range of use cases.

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Secure, automated and data-driven operations

Nokia launches Digital Operations Fabric, a cognitive, agile and platform based operations framework, designed to efficiently operate the future networks and enable CSPs to monetise digital services.

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Nokia 5G Maturity Index

Industry’s first 5G Maturity Index guides operators on how to align technology investments with business objectives to succeed with 5G-enabled services.

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Provide small indoor coverage cost-effectively

Nokia addresses small indoor mobile coverage holes with new Femtocell LTE Residential and reducing complexity of deployment by Virtual Femtocell Gateway.

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Enjoy a microwave network that's built to last

Wavence brings the evolution of microwave transport for 5G. With the full utilization of spectrum with ultra broadband transceivers and carrier aggregation, operators can get the full use of 5G supported by network slicing.

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High capacity. Ultra-low latency. Operational simplicity

Nokia’s 1830 VWM TLU-200 prepares operators for 5G by delivering high speed and transparent fronthaul transport in support of C-RAN.

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25GPON: a step beyond NGPON

Discover the industry’s 1st 25G PON proof of concept, boost your fibre speeds and enhance convergence of all your services on a single network.

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A collaborative approach to cognitive analytics solutions

Cognitive Collaboration Hubs facilitate the co-creation of innovative, tailored cognitive use cases and solutions by bringing together the right people, technologies and processes.  

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Improving road safety using AI powered driver analytics

Driver Behavior Analytics delivers advanced driver and road insights, helping governments, local authorities and enterprises make cities smarter and safer for all.

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