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March 2019

5G Maturity Index

26 March 2019


5G is in the early stages of rollout. Many CSPs are still facing the challenge of defining the right 5G strategy and use cases they can monetize. The key questions include what does it take to implement 5G successfully? What are the industry best practices?

Nokia 5G Maturity index is a comprehensive assessment done in collaboration with Analysys Mason on Operators' 5G Maturity.

Past Webinars

February 2019

Signaling in a 5G world

07 February 2019

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As the mobile market is planning and deploying 5G networks, operators are preparing to implement new HTTP2 signaling technology inside the core and at the roaming edge. Communication service providers need a signaling architecture that ensures their network is secure, reliable, and scales. This webinar provides insights into 5G’s new service-based architecture (SBA), key building blocks to...

January 2019

Nokia Educational Series - Evolution of voice from VOLTE to 5G

23 January 2019

On demand

The evolution of voice from circuit to voice over VoLTE requires the implementation of IMS.  What happens to voice with the introduction of 5G?  Happily, IMS is advertised to be “access transparent” so no big deal, right?  Or is it?  The reality isn’t quite as clean as the advertising might lead you to believe. In this Webinar we will discover the evolution from a...

December 2018

Malware in IoT, Crypto-coins & Smart Devices - Prevention and Appropriate Action

06 December 2018

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Malware continues to be a problem, particularly in the case of gaining visibility into incidents, which leaves you blind to attack. The rapid growth of IoT botnets provides a challenge to businesses deploying unprotected IoT devices and is a threat to networks’ integrity. Join our live webinar where we will be sharing the learnings from our annual Threat Intelligence report, as well as looking...

Webinar with Chris Lewis:Together with Nokia and Salesforce on Connecting the Network to Your Business

05 December 2018

On demand

The ongoing digitalization of CSPs, and the promise of 5G and Industrial IoT, are constantly redefining customer expectations and challenging traditional business models across nearly every industry. End users expect immediate, omnichannel, personalized and contextual services. In the face of this digital disruption, bridging network and business to create the Digital Service provider is an...

October 2018

Optimizing energy asset lifecycles with predictive analytics

03 October 2018

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Hear how Nokia Asset Lifecycle Optimization has made a difference in real-world operations

September 2018

Industry applications – 5G as an enabler of the fourth industrial revolution

18 September 2018

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The fourth industrial revolution is embedding technology at all levels of society and global economies – and even within humans. In our webinar, we’ll take a closer look at how 5G enables the factory of the future, including developments in the latest industry initiatives and an example use case.

June 2018

Unassisted AI and How it Will Change Video Analytics Forever

28 June 2018

On demand

The future of video analytics has arrived with advances in pattern recognition, edge computing, and GPU availability. Join Khamis Abulgubein, principal product manager at Nokia, for an immersive discussion and demonstration moderated by ReadWrite Data Expert Rich Morrow.


IHS Markit webinar: Mobile security infrastructure - Leveraging analytics to secure 5G networks

07 June 2018

On demand

As preparation for 5G era, mobile operators will need to take advantage of multi-dimensional security analytics for rapid detection of threats. Join us the hear more about the role of machine learning in security analytics, get insights how to leverage threat intelligence for device, network and cloud security and how to scale security orchestration, analytics and response tools.

May 2018

IHS Markit webinar: Breaking the optical glass ceiling - The path to terabit optical networks

16 May 2018

On demand

Successive rounds of optical innovation and investment have delivered higher capacity networks with significantly decreased cost-per-bit transmitted. Moving forward, as we approach Shannon’s limit, gains are becoming more incremental, and reducing cost-per-bit is becoming more challenging. As an industry, will we be able to break through the optical glass ceiling to get to terabit optical...

TDM renewal with no compromises

15 May 2018

On demand

Network operators need to meet the growing and dynamic traffic demands of high-bandwidth cloud-based services but must also continue to support TDM service revenue streams, particularly for PDH services such as E1s. Join the webinar to learn more about Nokia's turnkey TDM renewal solution based on the new 1830 Optical Network Extender (ONE).

Creating and Executing Effective GDPR Implementation Strategies

08 May 2018

On demand

This month, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) initiative will become law and subject to regulatory compliance enforcement. Join us to hear best practices, toolsets, and optimal platform strategy methodology that can help you create and execute an effective GDPR implementation strategy.

April 2018

Telco Data Centers of the Future

18 April 2018

On demand

Speakers: Roz Roseboro, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading
                   Stefan Kindt, Head of Cloud Market Development, Nokia
                   Jai Thattil, Head of Cloud, IT& Transformation Services, Nokia...

Nokia digital automation broadcast

17 April 2018

Stephan Litjens and Ingrid Viitanen from Nokia Digital Automation,
Juha Pankakoski from Konecranes,
Pekka Sivonen from Business Finland,

December 2017

Telco goes cloud-native with open source

05 December 2017

On demand

Stefan Kindt, Nokia, Head of Cloud Market Development
Dr. Frank Zdarsky, Red Hat, Senior Principal Software Engineer
Tommy Lindgren, Nokia, Cloud Market

Get ready for 5G with AirScale Active Antennas

01 December 2017 / Darrell Davies

On demand

As we move towards a 5G world, the importance of antennas must not be underestimated in enabling the gigabit and higher data rates of 4.5G and beyond. But is antenna technology ready? It’s a question our expert will answer in this webinar.

Topics covered

  • Preparing sites for gigabit data rates and beyond
  • Antenna solutions for top performance in 4.5G Pro and 4.
  • ...

November 2017

Breaking the Gbps barrier with 4.9G

24 November 2017 / Arne Schaelicke

On demand

In 2017 the mobile networks and user devices have reached 1Gbps user data rates. 10x the data rate supported by initial LTE devices. But this is not the end of the evolution. In this webinar, Arne Schaelicke provides an outlook on the user data rate evolution with 4.9G.

Topics Covered

  • How 5G will change the world
  • LTE user peak data rate evolution
  • ...

Technology in the fight against climate change

20 November 2017 / Minna Aila, Harry Kuosa, Pia Tanskanen

On demand

How you can use network technology to make dramatic cuts in your energy use and reduce long-term carbon emissions to zero? As traffic grows, energy consumption tends to rise as networks are extended, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Join this expert webinar for an insight into how you can call a halt to the ever-spiralling use of energy.

Topics covered

  • Decouple
  • ...

Top 5 cyber threats - How they affect your security operations?

13 November 2017

On demand

Kevin McNamee, Head of Nokia Threat Intelligence Center
Robert Marson, Head of Business Development Security, IoT
Parag Padhye, Head of Security,

Step-by-step: How to make your network ready for 5G

02 November 2017 / Kai Sahala

On demand

Build your route to 5G

In this webinar, we take an expert look at how you can use investments in 4G to build a route to your 5G future. With excellent coverage and most subscribers already using it, 4G is not only the dominant technology now and for years to come, but it is also a sound basis for network evolution to 5G.

Topics Covered

  • How you can start
  • ...

October 2017

The best ideas are better for everyone - The benefits of open source

25 October 2017

On demand

Kamil Gregor, IDC, Research Analyst,
Tommy Lindgren, Nokia, Cloud market development,
Jonne Soininen, Nokia, Head of software industry initiatives

What are the technology components of 5G New Radio?

19 October 2017

On Demand

Harri Holma, Nokia Bell Labs Fellow,
John Smee, VP Engineering, Qualcomm Research

5G is driving a fundamental change in our communications


Swisscom Shares Operator Insight on Enhanced In-Home Wi-Fi Experience

17 October 2017

On demand

Sandra O’Boyle, Heavy Reading, Senior Analyst, Customer Experience and Analytics,
Andreas Arnold, Swisscom, Technical Cluster Lead, CPE & Home Devices

Cloud Native Mobile Core Networks

10 October 2017

On Demand

Gabriel Brown, Heavy Reading, Principal Analyst - Wireless Data Services & LTE,
Matthias Reiss, Nokia, Head of Subscriber Data Management Business Line

Nokia cloud – for a fully digitalized business

05 October 2017

On demand

Carla Arend, IDC analyst and program director, European software and infrastructure research team,
Stefan Kindt, Nokia, Head of cloud market development,

Lightwave webinar: Enterprise Private Optical Networks

03 October 2017

On demand

Kyle Hollasch, Product Marketing Director, Optical Networking, Nokia
Chris Janson, Product Marketing Manager, Optical Networking, Nokia
Stephen Hardy, Editorial Director/Associate Publisher, Lightwave

June 2017

Security for IoT. Are you Protected?

22 June 2017

On demand

Gerald Reddig, Head of Security Marketing
Kevin Mcnamee, Director, Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab
Rodrigo Brito, Head of Product Management, IoT Security

Nokia Telco Cloud index: operator NFV/SDN maturity benchmark

18 June 2017 / Caroline Chappell, Stela Bokun, Matthew Dove Jai ThattilPlea

On demand

Join this webinar to discover what operators are doing globally. 
Compare your strategy against the best....

IP Networks Reimagined 360 livestream

14 June 2017

Rajeev Suri, CEO, Nokia
Basil Alwan, President, IP/Optical Networks Business Group, Nokia

April 2017

Converging Transport Networks for 5G Success: The 'Anyhaul' Imperative

25 April 2017

Roy Chua, co-Founder and Partner at SDxCentral
Jim Guillet, Portfolio and Solution Marketing team, Nokia

March 2017

Next generation TV: is ABR ready for the IP switchover?

30 March 2017 / Nokia, DTVE, CTOi Consulting

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IP is fast becoming the universal technology to enable the delivery of video. Broadcasters and TV operators are deploying next generation TV platforms to maximize operational efficiency and deliver a seamless experience to the consumers across all their devices. Adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming has become a key building block for these platforms as multiscreen and non-linear viewing grow, but...

New Frontiers in C-RAN Fronthaul: to CPRI, or to not CPRI?

28 March 2017 / IHS Markit, Anritsu, Fujitsu & Nokia

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Fronthaul has a fundamental role in the development of radio access networks (RANs), from centralized RANs to cloud RANs and beyond, but what are the challenges of moving to such C-RANs? And while vendors have leaned toward the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) standard for fronthaul connections, CPRI-based links may not be the right fit as the 5G network of cloud-optimized RAN evolves. How...

Cloud-Native Architectures Will Be Key to 5G NG Core

23 March 2017

Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst - Wireless Data Services & LTE, Heavy Reading
Vinai Sirkey, Vice President, Business Development, Mobile Core, Nokia

December 2016

What it takes to become a digital master

15 December 2016 / George Westerman, Rasu Shrestha, Mike Yeomans

On demand

Join George Westerman, MIT researcher and author of Leading Digital Turning Technology Into Business Transformation and Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer at UPMC for a lively discussion about "What It Takes To Become A Digital Master," and learn about business and technology strategies for successful digital transformation.

Path to 5G

14 December 2016 / Dr. Volker Ziegler and Robert Lammel

On demand

Find out what steps will be needed to transition from 4.5G Pro to commercial 5G. And we’ll explain how Nokia can help you ensure you take the shortest, easiest path to 5G.

Communications and the digital transformation of Enterprise

13 December 2016 / Brendan Ziolo, Irwin Lazar, Mike Lambert, Brian Davies

On demand

Join Irwin Lazar of Nemertes Research and Mike Lambert of Nokia, for an interactive webinar on digital transformation and communications.

How to modernize the metro for the cloud era

09 December 2016 / Dave Brown

On demand

In this webinar, discover how Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) packet-optical transport systems provide the scalability, agility and efficiency to modernize metro networks and prepare to monetize transport services for the cloud era.

Deliver proactive care for the broadband home experience using analytics

07 December 2016 / Puneet Dhar, Huseyin Uzunalioglu, Rhodo Odysseos

On demand

The award-winning researchers at Bell Labs have built on industry best practices and years of direct operational experience to develop analytic solutions that make proactive care a very real and profitable possibility. To discover how, please register for the webinar!

November 2016

Achieving 100-fold operational improvement with Closed Loop Automated Assurance

16 November 2016 / Grant Lenahan, Bill Stanley, Amy Campbell

On demand

In this webinar, Grant Lenahan of Appledore Research will outline a perspective on how CSPs should approach this transformation with a focus on Closed-Loop Automation and the new role of Assurance in these emerging SDN, NFV and XaaS programs...

CSPs path to virtualization – Cloud Transformation

15 November 2016 / Kris Szaniawski, Matthew Dove, Jai Thattil

On demand

Your cloud transformation strategy is taking shape. But how can you be sure you’re on the right path for your business?

WiMAX to 4.5G Pro TD-LTE migration

01 November 2016 / Xuegang Huang, Daryl Schoolar, Ashish K. Dayama

On demand

Why it makes sense to migrate to TD-LTE from WiMAX and how Nokia can help make a smooth and efficient transition.

October 2016

Making your core cloud native

26 October 2016 / Matthias Reiss, David Snow, Ester Navarro

On demand

Learn how a cloud-friendly architecture is used to redesign VNF for the IoT, 5G and the programmable world.

Creating a telco-grade cloud data center

20 October 2016 / Roz Roseboro, Guenter Achter, Jai Thattil

On demand

Join this webinar to hear the most important challenges that you need to consider.

Nokia Threat Intelligence Report - Market Update

04 October 2016 / Kevin Mcnamee, Thaddaeus Schwab, Gerald Reddig

On demand

Join our experts for an update on the cyber security market and dive into the results and trends from the Nokia Threat Intelligence Report H1 2016.

September 2016

Manage, secure and take control of billions of connected "things"

13 September 2016 / Daisy Su, Arabinda Bose

On demand

Join us for an insight into Motive® Connected Device Platform (CDP).

Insights from the study and operator interactions: Nokia 2016 Acquisition and Retention Study

07 September 2016 / Miia Toivola, Francesca Sartori

On demand

What does it take to attract and retain loyal mobile subscribers? We asked 20,000 mobile subscribers and 28 operators.

July 2016

A buyer’s and influencer’s guide to connected device management

26 July 2016 / Daisy Su, Arabinda Bose, Richard Crowe

On demand

The number of devices connecting to the Internet is set to explode with billions of IoT sensors joining mobile and home devices. Join Nokia to discuss how you can manage the complexity....

Deciphering the encryption enigma

20 July 2016 / Richard Di Pasquale, Chris Janson, Gary Holland

On demand

This webinar offers a primer on how layer 1 encryption works, the importance of key strength and how keys should be managed to ensure maximum protection with minimal application impact....

Multi-layered and cloud-based - the radio network for 5G

06 July 2016 / Troels Kolding

On demand

In this webinar, Troels Kolding, one of Nokia’s leading radio architecture experts, explains what’s behind a multi-layer, cloud-based RAN, and takes you step-by- step through the challenges and how to solve them, as well as the opportunities opening up....

April 2016

Bell Labs Consulting Mobility Study: Who will satisfy the desire to consume?

26 April 2016 / Subra Prakash

On demand

In February 2016, Bell Labs Consulting issued its inaugural mobility report. The groundbreaking report offered mobile operators and other industry stakeholders a unique perspective on the demand for mobile capacity through 2020 and beyond. By concentrating on people’s desire to consume digital content and services - rather than focusing only on mobile traffic trends - the report revealed just...

December 2015

Building the 5G future

09 December 2015 / Peter Merz, Brian Cho

On demand

If you want to catch up on the latest 5G developments and what they mean, you can view it here. A clear overview of how 5G is shaping up, from the radio aspects, to the new network architecture, to the wealth of potential new business opportunities that 5G will create...

February 2015

Meet your future: Technology Vision 2020 reality check

04 February 2015 / Volker Ziegler, Kanika Atri, Volker Held

On demand

We believe mobile networks will need to deliver gigabytes of personalized data per user per day profitably and securely by 2020 ? so where are we now? Join our Technology Vision 2020 Webinar to get the update on: How network architecture will evolve and what role new technologies like 5G will play...