About us

Alcatel-Lucent invents and delivers the innovative networks of tomorrow.

Every success has its network.

Alcatel-Lucent is the leading IP networking, ultra-broadband access, and cloud technology specialist. We believe that networks are the foundation of our ultra-connected world. They need to be built to achieve the potential of every customer with flexibility, speed, and trust.

Our mission is to invent and deliver trusted networks to help our customers unleash their value.

We create networks at scale.

We apply our expertise and passion to build dynamic networks that adapt to your needs and scale as you grow. Our networks provide seemingly infinite bandwidth, helping you deliver maximum value any place, any time, any cloud.

We are committed to earning your trust.

We deliver networks and services that anticipate demands, support new business solutions, and sustainably grow your value. Our networks ensure that your data and services flow freely, securely, and without constraints. We operate according to the highest ethical standards, embedding responsible innovation at the heart of our activities and supply chain partnerships.

We innovate for you.

We conceive and invent the future through open collaboration with customers, stakeholders, and our Bell Labs researchers, pushing the limits of communications and shaping the digital world. We combine the world’s best network of minds with a start-up culture to solve today’s major challenges and develop tomorrow's breakthrough technologies and business models.

Our company has been recognized by Thomson Reuters as a Top 100 Global Innovator, and by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices review as the Technology Hardware & Equipment industry group leader for 2015.

Alcatel-Lucent Fast Facts

Chairman of the Board and Interim Chief Executive Officer
Philippe Camus

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Incorporated in France

148/152 route de la Reine
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
+33 (0) 1 55 14 10 10
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Market Capitalization
€8.3 billion (as of Dec. 31, 2014) 

Traded on
Euronext Paris and New York Stock Exchange (ALU)

Shares Outstanding 2.8 billion (Dec. 31, 2014)

Research & Innovation

  • 2014 Net R&D investment of €2.2 billion (approx. 16.6% of sales)
  • More than 33,000 active patents, more than 3,000 obtained in 2014, 15,000 pending applications
  • 8 Nobel Prizes shared by 14 Bell Labs researchers

2014 Revenues
€13.2 billion

Sales Distribution
North America: 44%
Asia Pacific: 20%
Europe: 23%
Rest of World: 13%

Operating Segments Breakdown of Revenues
Core Networking: 45%
Access: 54%
Other: ~ 1%

Number of Employees
Approx. 52,600 (end 2014)

Breakdown of Employees by Geographic Area
Asia-Pacific: 32%
Europe: 34%
North America: 25%
Other: 9%
(Other: Central and South America, Middle East and Africa regions)