Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

As subscribers demand more services for less money, it’s vitally important for operators to protect their profitability by reducing delivery costs. The solution is to eliminate the need for separate voice and data networks.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) helps operators build a next generation service architecture based on an IMS core to provide carrier-grade services over mobile and fixed broadband. This helps ensure high quality voice, video and multimedia services for subscribers, while protecting operator profitability.

By providing VoLTE, an operator can enhance indoor coverage using Wi-Fi and extend its communication services with WebRTC. Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) and WebRTC use the same IMS core as VoLTE, enabling the same communication and multimedia services.

What can Nokia Networks offer?

The Nokia VoLTE solution offers a clear evolutionary path that allows operators to provide VoLTE according to industry standards, with no need for drastic changes in the voice network.

VoWiFi and fixed IP expand the user experience and enable operators to bundle services together to differentiate their services.

Nokia VoLTE core, including IMS /TAS and SDM, provides a truly robust and reliable next generation voice and messaging service core.  

Our Rich Communication Suite (RCS) allows operators to offer their customers capabilities that make the mobile even more central to their private and business lives.

The business benefits

  • Competitive, high-quality voice and video service over LTE
  • Fast time-to-market: quick, easy service development on top of LTE/ Wi-Fi
  • Full mobile voice service continuity
  • Full integration with existing network back office services
  • Core elements run on the same platform or in telco cloud, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Professional services for design, planning and integration

Why Nokia Networks?

  • Recognized by major operators and analysts as a leading VoLTE solution provider
  • Extended robustness and efficiency, such as the reduced signaling load on the VoLTE core network
  • Years of experience on total system design and integration
  • Professional expertise to execute, verify and optimize VoLTE in any network

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