Smart Labs

Smart Labs – technical expertise for better network performance and customer experience in today’s networks. Smart networks for smart devices.

Over 150 billion application downloads on smart devices have been forecast by 2018*. Mobile networks are heavily affected by smart devices and related over-the-top (OTT) applications, while the ever increasing number of applications and services that run on smart devices poses an even more complex problem for network operators.

Today, mobile networks often become overloaded and calls and service requests don’t always go through. Smartphone traffic is fundamentally different from other traffic, as it generates frequent small data transactions in both the downlink and the uplink.

Understanding the smart device traffic and its effects is vital if mobile broadband operators are to ensure top network quality and an optimum experience for their customers.

Who we are  

Nokia Smart Labs pioneers technical consulting projects to analyze interactions between smart devices, mobile operating systems, applications and mobile networks.

Our goal is to improve the network performance and customer experience in smartphone-dominated networks. Smart Labs operate from three continents – America, Asia and Europe.

What we offer

The Nokia Smart Labs are fully equipped with the latest radio technologies and end-to-end LTE, 3G and 2G networks.  

Nokia Smart Labs use testing methods based on real user behavior to analyze the interaction of smart devices, OTT applications and mobile networks.

By testing aspects such as network signaling load in the radio and core network, data volumes and sessions and battery consumption, our expert team recommends mobile network features or parameter settings to improve mobile network performance and customer experience.

High traffic loads in radio signaling, caused by OTT services and applications, can be reduced by features such as LTE Fast Dormancy Profiling. Using this technique, Smart Labs have reduced radio signaling by 40%.

With our proven test methods and analysis processes you can be confident that our technical recommendations can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, using solutions that reflect your unique needs.

To get in touch with Nokia Smart Labs, please send an smart_labs_support [dot] nsn [at] nsn [dot] com (subject: Contact%20to%20NSN%20Smart%20Labs) (email)

* Source: ABI Research, Dec 2013