Intelligent Self Organizing Networks (iSON)

There’s a way to automate the networks fast, safe and flexible and control your operational costs without compromising quality.

Intelligent SON automation significantly improves the quality of experience for mobile network users. It is also an efficient way to bring down network operations costs by automating manual processes across 3 generations of technology with support for heterogeneous networks. This most comprehensive mobile networks automation solution covers both radio and core networks supported by innovative SON operations management tool and extensive professional Services – because every network is unique.

More than smart software

The Nokia intelligent SON is the world’s first true end-to-end SON solution with full scale self-healing, self-optimization and self-configuration across Radio Access, OSS and Mobile Core.

Described as “the most advanced and technically mature solution available in the market” by Michael Sawallisch of Deutsche Telekom Radio Networks, dozens of ongoing iSON projects around the world prove the suite’s maturity, speed and flexibility.

The Nokia intelligent SON allows you to automate a large number of everyday tasks, making them easy to repeat and quicker to implement. It also allows your network to quickly and autonomously optimize and repair itself, maintaining your network and improving the experience for your customers.

What’s more, the unique iSON Core automatically balances the traffic loads and optimizes the transmission capacity distribution in the core networks.

You’ll get an uninterrupted view across all your networks with our innovative SON Operations Manager, allowing you to implement a coherent control strategy also  in multi-vendor environments. Even large networks automation can now be managed with 1-2 persons only. The SON Operations Manager provides for instance extensive coordination, prioritization and  monitoring functions over the simultaneously active SON operations.

iSON is mature and field proven

The business benefits

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Why Nokia Networks?

iSON is the world's 1st mature end-to-end SON for Radio Access, OSS and Mobile Core networks by utilizing flat architecture, all-inclusive, modular OSS and leading professional Services.

Our SON has embedded and proven multivendor network optimization solution delivering fast, accurate, measurement based results.

SON Operations is unique and comprehensive solution to SON management.

Our iSON is backed up by the industry’s widest range of professional services ranging from process consultation and network optimization to care services. Each SON solution can be tailored to suit an operator’s unique requirements. Process consultation and tailoring of various SON aspects such as policies, rules, algorithms, level of automation and control and stop points, ensures that SON is implemented in the best way for each network and in line with the operator’s operational strategy.

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