Security you can rely on

Security is more important than ever for operators, enterprises and end users. According to the 2014 Acquisition & Retention Study Report, 75% of customers consider security to be the operator’s responsibility. Enterprises are looking for secure channels for virtual collaboration, and both end user and businesses take it for granted that operators will anticipate and protect them from security risks and meet all market and regulatory requirements for security.

Operators are in a unique position both to address growing expectations for security and protect their networks and their customers’ connections and content. With the help of Nokia security offering, end users can enjoy secure services and operators have clear opportunity for both to provide security and differentiate in the market by protecting their customers from security risks.

Strong record in protecting mobile broadband security

We believe that best-in-class security can be achieved only by combining the forces of market-leading experts. Therefore we have built an effective security ecosystem with a number of partners. Together with our partners we help operators to secure their networks with best-in-class security solutions tailored for the mobile environment and meet carrier-grade requirements.

We have a long record of helping operators protect their mobile broadband networks from unauthorized access, manipulation, attacks (e.g. denial of service) and data theft.  Our market leading 3GPP-compliant radio access security solution comprises automated life cycle management of security certificates along with IPSec and Security Gateways to help operators protect their radio assets against security risks. 

Our security solution for core networks covers firewalls, an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and secure Domain Name Systems (DNS). As well as protecting core networks from attacks through the internet, it maintains the confidentiality and privacy of customer data and ensures high service availability and network reliability.

Our content security solution together with Mobile Guard enable operators to provide holistic end-to-end user protection. Mobile Guard is a network based solution for malware detection, mitigation and protection, whilst Content Security offers efficient web and email filtering.

Why Nokia?


Nokia is leading the industry in taking important steps towards responding to the concerns of mobile users and building advanced telco security solutions. In a recent development, Nokia pledged to help the OpenSSL Project in its fight against future vulnerabilities like Heartbleed by making a substantial financial donation and becoming the Project’s first Platinum sponsor. Furthermore, Nokia announced its plans to launch a Mobile Broadband Security Center in Berlin for knowledge exchange with customers, business and research partners, and public authorities. Establishing a dedicated Security unit is yet another proofpoint of Nokia’s emphasis on security as a critical factor for mobile broadband networks.

We have successfully implemented more than 500 security projects worldwide with a team of services and security experts who have earned industry-recognized ISACA certification such as CISSP, CISA, and CISM. With numerous security deployments in commercially launched 4G networks from Nokia, we are market leaders in protecting advanced mobile broadband networks.

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