Quality of Service Differentiation

Prevent and manage peak-time network congestion and improve the experience for your customers.

With data traffic growing dramatically, networks can become congested at peak times, affecting your customers’ experience.

Our Quality of Service (QoS) Differentiation allows dynamic and real-time prioritization of subscribers and/or applications depending on network load. You’ll be able to differentiate specified user groups or applications, allowing you to build preferential customized packages for your customers and develop new revenue streams.

End-to-end QoS differentiation means personalized user experiences,greater customer choice as well as optimum use of valuable network resources.

We offer you end-to-end support from business and technical planning to deployment when introducing QoS differentiation in your network.

“In my mind QoS is a must. Otherwise the operator must add more capacity all the time and still the customers are not happy as there is no fairness.” -Timo Sippola, Head of Radio Network Planning, Elisa Corporation


The business benefits

  • Provide preferential customized packages and generate new revenue
  • Improve customer experience
  • Manage traffic growth profitably and put existing network resources to better use handling more traffic per day and more users per cell   
  • Ensure fair use on the network

Why Nokia Networks?

Our market leading end-to-end QoS Differentiation solution has been widely tested and commercially deployed and is currently helping operators worldwide to manage quality levels in mobile broadband networks and provide better experiences to their end customers.

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