Policy Integration Package

Make your network more efficient to dynamically provide the capacity needed to ensure the best customer experience and be able to easily manage and control network capacity

As data traffic soars, stimulated by “all-you-can-eat” data packages and data-hungry smartphone applications, many operator networks experiencing congestion, particularly at peak times when just 5% of users are using 95% of the network resources.

Nokia Policy Integration Package will help you meet these challenges with a solution that integrates the key components - Policy Control servers with rich feature sets, Network Elements with standard policy control interfaces and QoS-enabled Mobile Radios.

By using your network more efficiently, you’ll save on costly upgrades to your network capacity.

You’ll also be able to generate revenue by prioritizing applications on your network.

Our Policy Integration Package solution consists of Consulting, Integration and Customization aspects.

We’ll start by monitoring your network and analyzing the traffic before our consultants work with you to define what you’ll need. Once a solution has been agreed and designed, we’ll implement it and even customize it to suit your needs.

You’ll get a solution that integrates seamlessly into multi-vendor networks and you’ll be able to set policies to control heavy users and protect the network by differentiating your subscribers.

Policy Control Architecture

The business benefits

  • Reduces churn by improving the end-user experience leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Provides opportunities to establish new revenue-generating business models
  • Enables differentiated services
  • Improves monetization of network assets
  • Saves CAPEX and OPEX through more efficient use of network resources
  • Reduces time-to-market by leveraging Nokia Siemens Networks know how and specialized staff
  • Minimize risk by building on lessons learned from projects worldwide
  • Frees you up to focus on your business while the network is transformed on your behalf according to your requirements

Why Nokia Networks?

Our extensive global consulting and network integration teams’ broad experience with projects worldwide simplifies the introduction of policy control into your network while efficiently utilizing the full capabilities of the components.

We have all the necessary skills to complete customer specific projects, starting from solution consulting where customers business requirements are transformed into solutions, technical architecture services that specify the most suitable technical solution by combining existing platforms and new solutions, solution engineering services that implement and deploy the solutions into live networks and preparing it for lifetime support.

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