Multiservice IP Backbone

Future-proof your network with the only IP solution to integrate the best of Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.

As demand rises for next-generation services such as mobile broadband, virtual private networks and internet telephony, IP becomes increasingly significant as an enabling technology. It also drives the transition towards standard use of packet data and the convergence of networks.

You need one single IP backbone solution. But how do you ensure there’s network reliability, quality of service, optimized load distribution and an effective migration path to IPv6?

We settle all these questions with our Multiservice IP Backbone solution. By partnering with the two industry leading vendors in IP-routing technology, Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks, we deliver a solution which integrates the best products from both without compromising interoperability.

Our solution minimizes latency and jitter, reduces packet loss and increases network uptime.

The business benefits

  • Delivers a quality user experience for internet-based TV, voice and video
  • Achieves 99.999% service availability
  • Enables high-revenue services
  • Saves OPEX
  • Saves CAPEX

Why Nokia Networks?

We are the leading IP systems integrator for Service Providers (SP) with strong multi-vendor experience with market and innovation leaders Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.

With more than 150 IP core projects successfully deployed and almost 2000 certified IP experts, we have the deep IP expertise and experience required by SPs worldwide.

At our ResIP Center we demonstrate, test and verify the technologies that will support the next generation of core IP networks.

Contact us for more information on how to future-proof your network with our Multiservice IP Backbone solution.