Mobile Site Connectivity

An end-to-end IP/Ethernet solution that’s tested and proven for time-critical traffic, connecting mobile network elements to IP networks.

Do you need your services to run smoothly over IP, across multiple domains? Need to maintain traffic segregation and resilience while cost-effectively connecting the mobile elements of your network? We can help.

What can Nokia Networks offer?

Our Mobile Site Connectivity solution is an IP-over-Ethernet network designed and engineered specifically to handle time-critical user and control traffic for mobile service providers (SPs).

Design rules are based on factors like resilience and quality of service to ensure best-in-class experience when you run revenue-critical traffic over IP. To support an end-to-end approach, our Mobile Site Connectivity solution is optimized on Layer 3 to work smoothly together with our Mobile Backhaul and Multiservice IP Backbone.

The business benefits

  • Tested and proven for real-time traffic
  • Engineered and designed as an end-to-end IP/Ethernet network
  • Designed, tested and aligned with Mobile Backhaul and Multiservice IP Backbone solutions and with our mobile equipment
  • Partnerships with Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks allow you to pick the most suitable components
  • Flexible and easily expandable
  • We support you with deployment and service capabilities
  • Product development aligned with our other mobile system components, including the NetAct™ transport management system

Why Nokia Networks?

We are the leading IP systems integrator for SPs with strong multi-vendor experience with market and innovation leaders Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.

With more than 150 IP mobile site connectivity solutions successfully deployed along with 2G, 3G and 4G projects and almost 2000 certified IP experts, we have the deep IP expertise and experience required by SPs worldwide.

At our ResIP Center we demonstrate, test and verify the technologies that will support the next generation of IP networks.

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