Femtocell Solution

The Nokia end-to-end Femtocell Solution provides home, enterprise and public space areas with a better service experience, while offering operators new options to boost indoor small cell coverage and capacity.

Femtocells are small cellular base stations. Typically used by an end user to connect to the mobile operator’s network via their broadband connection, femtocells offer more than just improved mobile reception with better security – they also expand location and presence awareness and improve battery life.

For Residential and Enterprise

The Nokia Femtocell Solution provides residential and enterprise customers with improved mobile voice quality, fewer dropped calls, faster data connections and better in-building voice and data services.

Enterprises get an answer to one of the main barriers to their productivity – lack of bandwidth, especially within buildings. This solution will allow employees to use their mobile connectivity to improve their effectiveness, making them always available, always online, wherever they are.

For Public Spaces

Our enterprise femtocells can be used in public spaces to provide coverage and high capacity in areas with many users and a high broadband usage.

The solution offers:

• Full 3GPP compliance
• Fully automatic, real-time cognitive radio for interference management
• Flexible deployment with free standing and wall mounted options
• High performance in an easy-to-install, energy efficient unit
• Best-in-class HSPA and LTE performance

The Nokia Femtocell Solution consists of the Femtocell Gateway for traffic aggregation, OMS for operations and maintenance, the service provisioning platforms (SAAM), NetAct integration support, as well as the femtocell access points portfolio.

Why Nokia Networks?

Nokia Femtocell Solution is a future-proof offering that provides a flat architecture, an integrated FAP portfolio and reduced implementation time. We offer a complete package, allowing a quicker launch of femtocell services.

Nokia Femtocell has been deployed and trialled in every region of the world.

Contact us to learn more about how our Femtocell solution can deliver a 3G experience that rivals fixed-line broadband.