Customer Experience Management (CEM) for Liquid Net

Linking capacity optimization to customer experience and revenue impact is a largely untapped opportunity to improve both customer satisfaction and business success.

Today, the feedback loop between network performance and the subscribers’ actual service experience is often indirect, with different departments using different reporting tools and communicating with executive summaries.

CEM for Liquid Net makes a direct link between capacity optimization and improvements in customer experience. It gives operators crucial customer insight to make smarter, timely investments based on revenue impact.

  • Customer Experience Management gives operators the subscriber and revenue view to decision-making about optimizing network performance. With CEM
  • With Liquid Net, operators can act on the insight from CEM, respond in an instant, and flow capacity where it is needed.
  • Services provide the bridge between CEM and Liquid Net and enable operators to derive the full benefit from each.

By showing operators exactly when, where and how problems are occurring that affect experience, CEM for Liquid Net helps them target and prioritize smart subscriber-centric investments in improving network performance, reducing congestion and optimizing capacity utilization.

Insight and action create positive outcomes

With CEM for Liquid Net, operators can deliver differentiated high-value mobile broadband services to increase revenue, reduce churn, dramatically improve network performance and efficiency and, most importantly, keep their customers happy.

  • Start with subscriber impact to see the clearest view of network and revenue performance
  • Flow capacity where it’s needed so networks work smarter and more efficiently
  • Dramatically improve service experience and customer satisfaction
  • Meet demand for 1GBperday$
  • Drive up revenue and profitability to make money with mobile broadband

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