As customers become increasingly demanding, we’ll work with you to develop the solutions that keep them satisfied

Whether it’s optimizing your mobile and fixed network, providing a rich multi-media experience for your customers or adopting new technologies, you’re facing challenges on many fronts.

We can help you turn these challenges into business opportunities. Our solutions draw on a end-to-end range of products and services. We can support you as you adapt to the changing communications landscape, meet the rising demands of your customers and take a step ahead of the competition.

What Nokia Networks can offer:

> Telco Cloud

Reinvent telcos for the cloud to manage unpredictable data growth, cut operational costs and drive innovation pace. See how to transform to the Telco Cloud.
Explore our solution

> Customer care automation

Increase customer satisfaction with our automated care solution. See how to reduce the time it takes to solve customer problems

> Device management

Ensure a superior customer experience with automated device management and reduce your support costs. Explore our solution

> Heterogeneous networks

Meet differing network coverage and capacity requirements with our Heterogeneous Network solution which deploys a mix of technologies, frequencies, cell sizes and network architectures to optimally respond to rapid changes in customer demand. Manage this hybrid network as a unified whole

> Mobile backhaul

Increase the capacity of your mobile network and make sure you can meet the growing traffic demand for data services. Reduce OPEX in the long term

> Mobile site connectivity

Maintain traffic segregation and resilience while cost-effectively connecting the mobile elements to your IP network. Explore our tested and proven IP/Ethernet solution

> Multilayer optimization

Optimize your transport networks and cut operational costs. See how to create a more scalable network architecture

> Multiservice IP backbone

We have the only IP backbone solution to integrate the best of Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. Ensure reliable end-to-end quality of service

> Network sharing

Cut the cost of delivering mobile broadband and get your service to market quicker. Discover how we can help you share your networks

> Quality of service differentiation

Manage peak-time network congestion and improve the experience for your customers. Prioritize data traffic in real-time during busy and congested periods

> Self-organizing networks

Cut your operating costs by automating manual processes across GSM, 3G and LTE. Discover how we can help you utilize efficiently existing network assets

> Smartphone friendly networks

Prepare your networks for a surge in smartphone use and ensure a high level of service. Find out how reduce smartphone signaling up to 50%

> Voice over LTE

Voice over Long Term Evolution ensures profitable high quality voice, video and multimedia service. Take a closer look at our full standards compliant  VoLTE solution

> WCDMA Refarming

Extend and improve your 3G services without having to invest in new sites. Increase network efficiency by improving indoor coverage and offering rural mobile broadband to reach new users