Services for Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets)

Solving the complexities of HetNets

Meeting the challenge of booming mobile data requires Heterogeneous Networks or HetNets: networks that use multiple layers (macro as well as small cells), and multiple technologies (GSM/HSPA/LTE/Wi-Fi).


Yet, building efficient HetNets in complex cityscapes is not easy. For example, radio spectrum often needs to be shared and re-used by different layers of the HetNet. It takes experience and expertise to get it right. 

NSN Services for HetNets helps operators manage complexity and deploy the best performing HetNets through a four-phase approach:

Analyze: profile traffic hotspots to add capacity only where it is most needed

Plan: upgrade macro, small cells and backhaul in the most efficient manner. Boost performance by placing small cells close to subscribers and avoiding interference.

Deploy: minimize risks and get new sites up and running as quickly as possible

Optimize: boost customer experience by ensuring the best performance and inter-working between HetNet layers

Business benefits:

  • Avoid over-dimensioning with 20% savings on TCO
  • Place small cells close to demand, allowing around 20% more users to access the highest data speeds
  • Increase revenue by eliminating congestion issues

Why NSN?

With its Services for HetNets, NSN offers the best analysis, forecast and capacity expansion plan for both radio and backhaul. This is complemented by selection of the best small cell sites that will avoid interference with the macro layer, all backed by a comprehensive range of fully integrated solutions for macro, in-building, Wi-Fi and small cells.