Capacity Optimization

By 2020, global networks will need to handle 1,000x more data than they do today.

With Capacity Optimization, you can get ready to handle more data on your network. By getting the balance right between capacity, performance and traffic demand, we will help you unlock the hidden capacity in your network.

The increased data growth caused by the increasing popularity of smartphones and all you can eat data tarrifs, creates bottlenecks and blocks in your networks. This in turn leads to a deteriorating quality of experience for your subscribers with the risk of increased churn.

Using a combination of network optimization, integration of the latest software features and selective hardware upgrades, Capacity Optimization ensures your network can cope with the data boom.

So whether you’re planning for a surge in traffic in the coming months or are future-proofing your network, we will help you give your customers a high quality service, whatever traffic is on the network.

We will work with you to analyze and profile the hotspots in your network to identify the best solution to optimize the existing capacity and expand the network.Then we remove network bottlenecks to ensure you are maximizing the potential of your existing network, adding new hardware only where it’s really required. This approach will reduce CAPEX significantly and result in improved network resource usage and performance.

You can get an end-to-end Capacity Optimization Solution – starting from radio, through transport and core networks. We can help you with a range of services for NSN supported technologies in a multi-vendor environment.

  • Profiling analysis, Monitoring, reporting of network capacity and performance
  • KPI-based problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Identifying required upgrades for software and hardware
  • Optimizing capacity and performance in both a reactive and proactive way
  • Implementation of additional hardware solutions
  • Multi-layer optimization to ensure all technology layers works seamlessly together

As an alternative to our end-to-end solution we can also deliver customized services addressing specific operator challenges including 3G HW carrier upgrade, network readiness for special events, HSPA capacity optimization and quality of service introduction to differentiate the performance for specific user groups.

Business benefits:           

  • OPEX reduction
  • CAPEX optimization
  • Quality improvement
  • Revenue increase and churn reduction

Why Nokia Networks?

190 operators around the world have already benefited from our Capacity Optimization solution. With around 1,400 network planning and optimization projects a year, we have the experience to know where additional capacity is required and how to free up the hidden capacity.  

For an operator in South America a capacity optimization project improved HSDPA traffic by 75% and increased data revenue by 23%. By the end of the project churn was already reduced by 2%.

In South Africa, Vodacom needed to handle the extra capacity  during the FIFA World Cup 2012 which welcomed half a million additional visitors. Around 40% more SMSs (600 million) were sent from the start of the tournament. The networks were able to cope with this sudden surge in traffic thanks to the capacity optimization service which created a plan and made sure all the necessary elements were in place.

Contact us to find out more about our Capacity Optimization Services and how we can help you deal with 1,000 times more data in 2020.