Professional Services

Maximize your network and service potential and put your subscribers first. We can help you plan, integrate, optimize, upgrade and manage your networks and services.

With our professional service portfolio you’ll be able to access the innovation and quality that our experts bring to networks around the world.

We can help you plan upgrades to your networks and services so that your subscribers really feel the benefits from the highest data speeds and excellent connectivity.

One way to achieve this  is through network planning and optimization.  We maximize the potential of your multi cell, multi layer, multi technology network. This helps your subscribers to  receive a great mobile experience, whether they are in a busy shopping mall or travelling by high speed train.

If you want to roll out LTE, or are facing the challenges of maximizing the value of LTE, our full LTE service suite will help you solve issues around spectrum, transport and automation with Self Organizing Networks (iSON) so you can deliver on LTE’s high expectations. 

We integrate the latest product and software innovations seamlessly into your multi vendor environment. Our experts work closely with you to make  sure these product innovations work smoothly on your network. Our system integration team know our products best and are therefore best suited to integrate our Core Network, Customer Experience Management, Operations Support Systems (OSS) Security and Subscriber Data Management solutions– to help create an efficient end-to-end mobile broadband service.

How do you focus on managing your current operations while also developing new areas and improving existing services?

That’s where we can help. We will help manage your network and service operations. Benefit from the experience we have gained in managing 750 million  subscribers in our network and service operations.

 The key aim for our professional Services experts is to put end user experience centre stage and boost revenue for you.

Business benefits:

  • Boost accessibility, retainability and data speeds for smart phones users. 30% increase on average for accessibility and retainability, up to 300% improvements with data speeds.
  • Upgrade capacity where it is felt by the end user to save 20% on OPEX and plan close to demand.
  • Improve market share by 23.7% through managed operations and optimization. 
  • Boost spectrum capacity by 50%
  • Reduce customer complaints by 57% and fault detection time by 70%
  • Reduce time to market for new services from 6 months to 3 weeks.

 (figures all based on results for professional services clients)

Why Nokia Networks?

Nokia Networks is the specialist in Mobile Broadband. This industry focus means our professional services experts live and breath Mobile Broadband so they can help you maximize your network and service potential.

A few examples can show you where the real value lies. For Vodafone New Zealand we improved capacity up to 50% through a combination of spectrum refarming and software feature introduction. For Telkomsel Indonesia we improved data throughput by 273%. For MTN Zambia we improved handover and call set up success rate by 49% and for Three UK we reduced complaints by 57%.

Our expertise is gained from managing 750 million subscribers for 190 operators and delivering over 1,400 network planning and optimization projects a year. We have completed more than 1,850 system integration projects.

Discuss any of your goals, challenges or concerns and find out how our professional services experts can help you maximize your network and service potential. Contact us now.