Energy Solutions

The importance of managing energy increases every year. It’s not just about hitting your corporate social responsibility targets and reducing your carbon footprint. It’s also about making more efficient use of energy and securing the network availability at all times .


Nokia Networks offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of energy solutions that reduce network operating costs and power consumption by exploiting innovative technology and renewable energy. Our Energy Solutions help you to power Mobile Broadband services in any environment and network phase from challenging off-grid situations to network roll-outs and modernization. Our product and services expertise combined with carefully selected partners enable us to offer complete end-to-end energy solutions to meet all your requirements.

Our Energy Solution has 4 main elements

Power for Mobile Broadband

Expand your coverage to reach potential new markets in rural areas or developing countries. There are many places in the world with no electrical grid or an unreliable supply. We can help you make the most of renewable power sources as well as optimizing more traditional solutions for grid issues. We can also help with back-up solutions and disaster recovery options together with hybrid solutions.


Monitoring of a sites energy situation provides opportunities to maximize the use of  Base Station power saving features ensuring continued or extended operation during power outages. Site Energy Management systems (SEMS) remote visibility and control reduces energy management costs, optimizing the overall energy operational dynamics. SEMS enables increased network resilience during a natural disaster byoptimizing maintenance actions and efficiently monitoring  key performance indicators.

Energy modernization

We focus on innovative utilization of both existing assets and new technologies for cost effective modernization. So whether the key driver is investment protection or improving energy efficiencies, we have the optimal mix of professional services and telco products.Our experience is based on network build and modernization from millions of telco sites.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient mobile broadband continues to be an important aspect of our ecosystem and elements development. AWe will show you how to make energy efficiencies in your network operations as well as your network infrastructure to reduce the operational expenditure of your network.

Business benefits

  • Saves on CAPEX and OPEX
  • Keeps maintenance requirements at a low level
  • Cuts Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared with traditional solutions
  • Gives attractive return on investment (ROI) periods
  • Simple installation requirements
  • Cuts the environmental impact
  • Reduces solution complexity
  • Reduces fuel consumptionwith real-time remote visibility and control
  • Comprehensive reports and KPIs
  • Optimized maintenance management

Why Nokia Networks?

Nokia Energy Solutions is able to deliver complete end-to-end energy efficiency measures to operators. Our tools identify the best value for operators. Multiple scenarios can be compared, lowest TCO and shortest payback time identified, givingoperators optimal decision making support.

Risk management plays an important role when deploying a system or network. There are many challenges, technical as well as commercial, and their effects on costs must be considered when deciding on a deployment strategy. We can help you minimize both types of risks.

We will aim to find an optimal mix per site rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. You can expect cost-effective solutions that include a mix of leading industry products complemented by simple operational changes to complete modernization.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Fuel Cell solution and Liquid Applications* have won the Emerging Technologies award under the “Green Telecom and Smart Energy Solutions” and “Wide Area Network” categories at CTIA Wireless® 2013. Read more.

Operators around the world are deploying our Energy Solutions. Learn more about how well this works.

Contact us to find out more about how our Energy Solutions help  to expand coverage to reach rural and remote areas, reduce OPEX of telecom sites, protect revenue & coverage and cut carbon footprint.