Global Service Delivery (GSD)

We can help you bring speed, efficiency and quality across the network lifecycle by combining global expertise with local knowledge.

The Global Service Delivery model brings together competence, automation and global practices.

Gain access to the best global practices for planning, implementing and optimization of your network. 

With networks getting more complex every day, operators are looking for ways to simplify their operations and bring efficiency and quality.

You need complete visibility over service quality, network reliability, fault management and customer feedback. This helps you drive efficiency and quality remotely by leveraging automated and standardised tools and processes to ensure repeatability and consistent quality.

Global Service Delivery (GSD) is a model in which our local experts work in close coordination with a pool of highly competent global experts based at a centralized Global Delivery Center (GDC) and leverage the state-of-art tools and standardized processes to ensure that services offered to the customer are fast, efficient, of best quality and cost optimized.

Our Global Delivery Centers (GDCs) offer integrated services for multiple technologies with proven capabilities to operate in multi-vendor environment.

We have two GDCs –  in India and Portugal – as well as a number of Global Delivery Hubs in other countries. These hubs are smaller centers that focus on particular technologies or languages.

Business benefits

  • Helps you be fast to the market with new services
  • Handles complexity in multi-vendor and multi-technology network operation
  • Provides access to best practice planning, implementation and optimization of your network
  • Reduces cost thanks to optimized use of resources

Why Nokia Networks?

Because Global Service Delivery is a core focus for Nokia Networks, you will benefit from major investment in the automation of tools and standardization of processes.

Nokia Networks manages 750 million subscribers at 190 operators in multi-vendor environments. Over 200 million subscribers are managed through Global Delivery Centers, which serve more than 550 customers every month.

Orange signs Nokia Networks to extend network and rollout 4G; uses Global Service Delivery.

Contact our sales team to learn more about how you can bring speed, efficiency and quality in your network operations with Global Service Delivery.