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Efficiency and Quality Consulting

The way you generate efficiencies changes as the market itself changes. We can keep you ahead of the curve with our view on next generation efficiency.

Making efficiencies is all about making the best use of all your resources in the business – your people, your products and services, your operational network and business processes, your environmental impacts. But this is not a change that just happens once.

Customer behavior is unpredictable, technology changes all the time and government regulations are continuously updated. The market is always changing. And so you need to review your efficiency program every year to continue to have a positive impact on profitability by addressing OPEX and CAPEX challenges.

Our consultants have many years of experience in running specific parts of a operator business and this combined with our unique tools allows us to develop insights and new ways to get more out of your business. 

We recognize that each operator situation is different and we can tailor our robust methodology on a case by case perspective. For example, we can start with an independent and specific analysis of your business to identify those areas needing improvement.

 We have our unique Efficiency Calculator that measures your success by determining your organization’s overall efficiency increase and the impact of major business decisions.

What can Nokia Networks offer?

We offer the following efficiency consulting services to support your business. These services will help you optimize your business and identify correct actions to improve your efficiency from a 360° view.

  • Energy Efficiency Consulting Services
  • Convergence and IP Transformation Consulting
  • Efficiency Strategy and Business Improvement Consulting Services
  • Smartphone Operational Efficiency

The business benefits

  • A 360° view of efficiency initiatives tailored to your individual requirements
  • Identification of the business levers which need to be changed to improve efficiency
  • Clear and precise measurement of efficiency improvements and benefits to the benefits
  • Improved smartphone experience for your end customers through efficient network and operations for MBB services
  • Savings through convergence and IP transformation Increased energy efficiency through proven cost saving and network quality improvements

Why Nokia Networks?

Our Efficiency and Quality practice is just one part of our Consulting Services portfolio. All our services have been developed as a result of close, long-term partnerships with operators.

  • Deep Expertise
    • Unique and specific measure of the efficiency of operators at any point in time using the NSN Efficiency Calculator
    • Collective insight and industry experience of consultants have led to identification over hundreds of millions of euros of efficiency benefits for our customers
    • The industry’s 1st methodology to evaluate the degree of IP readiness and determine whether the IP strategy is aligned (as expected) to customer experience, revenue generation or cost efficiency
    • Delivery of proven results for energy efficiency resulting in actual cost savings realized for customers in excess of 60%
  • Proven
    • Experience with over 300 consulting  projects delivered in over 70 countries across the five practice areas.

Contact us to find more about how we can improve your network and business efficiency and quality.