Network Cloning

Our Network Cloning Service is a completely new approach to network infrastructure upgrades, and reduces the upgrade process time from months to days.

Achieving major improvements in performance usually means replacing major elements of your network’s hardware platform.

Traditionally, replacing a key element such as a Radio Network Controller (RNC) or Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) has required manual “rehoming”, which can take several months. Each network element must be manually integrated with the new element, with configuration changes to network parameters and transmission cables.

This can be a long, expensive process, with service disruptions and the possibility of human error never totally ruled out. However, until now there was no alternative.

Our innovative network cloning approach radically changes the way hardware upgrades are conducted. By configuring a new network element offline to mimic the element it’s replacing – or “cloning” it – it can then be swapped in with minimum disruption to the rest of the network.

All the necessary cabling changes can be made overnight in one go, and the whole upgrade process time is reduced from months to days.

Nokia Networks is currently the only vendor to offer Network Cloning services.

Business benefits

  • Reduced time-to-market for new services and new subscribers
  • High quality, error-free capacity upgrades
  • Improved subscriber experience during modernization
  • Huge cost savings with modernization projects completed in days rather than months

Why Nokia Networks?

Our network cloning services are proven across the network for Radio Network Controller (RNC) and Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) upgrades, and will evolve to cover other network elements. We use automated software tools and skilled engineers with deep technical product expertise and extensive experience in delivering complex projects as a service.

We are currently the only vendor able to offer Network Cloning services.

Operators around the world are deploying our Network Cloning-services.

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