Nokia Care specializes in upkeep services for software, hardware and competency development. Our Care services power network availability and performance so you can reliably offer the best possible service to your customers.

You need to make sure your customers are always connected, even when providing them with after-sales service. You also need to have the resources to be able to fix any problem.

By choosing Nokia as your Care partner you get access to efficient processes, a flexible portfolio of hardware and software services, and the capacity to teach your own people how to do better.

We analyze your challenges, identify your requirements and match them against our offerings – from specific support services to a wider complete maintenance offer. You will get a customized solution that is just right for you.

Business benefits

  • Deliver network efficiency while maintaining flexibility through standardization, automation and process excellence
  • Improve efficiency and customer experience through innovative, secure and efficient deployment solutions
  • Optimize customer experience more than ever
  • Transform your network to achieve a higher quality of service while maintaining reliability

Why Nokia Networks?

At the heart of our Care services are innovative processes and quality standards aimed at supporting the unique network challenges of Mobile Broadband operators.

We’ve delivered professional preventative services to more than 150 customers and online software services to 260 customers, with more than 3 million online hours delivered and 180,000 software support cases handled.

We’re the second-ranked provider in Care Services globally, serving 600 operators in 150 countries, with close to 120 hardware service transactions per hour (over 1 million transactions per year).

We manage over 2,000 Care agreements and integrate partner services for more than 340 suppliers, serving over 1,200 software versions.

We refurbish more than 60,000 hardware units each year, supporting 275 different types of network element and 36,000 active products.

We conduct 3,600 training events per year in 22 training centers worldwide.

Contact our sales teams to learn more about how our Care Services can ensure your network consistently delivers the best possible availability and performance reliably for your customers.