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Maximize your profitability and return on investment from Mobile Broadband. We’ll work with you to implement timely solutions, modernize your networks for scale, speed and efficiency and optimize the individual customer experience.

Nokia helps Korean operators to drive revenues as demand rockets for high quality voice and data. Download the success story here.

Download the full Infograhic from here.

In Busan fireworks, Korea over 700 000 people enjoyed the highest call success rate provided by Nokia.

The result showed that Nokia Networks provided the highest average VoLTE call success rates with lowest latency. Karsten Isenbeck, Head of Korean Delivery team discuss the key success factors behind the event.

We deliver best practice learned from hundreds of successful partnerships and projects around the world, providing you with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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A comprehensive service portfolio addressing your key challenges

Grow Your Capacity

Are you looking for new ways to provide dramatic increases in capacity while still making a profit? Our Care and Professional Services team will help you to deliver high network performance and quality in a constantly changing operations environment.

Learn more about: Active Software Support, Capacity Optimization, Services for LTE, Services for HetNets and Network Modernization services.

Simplify Operations

As both network complexity and data demand grow, expectations of quality are increasing in parallel. Automation is the key to ensuring both high service quality and a winning customer experience.

Learn more about: Managed Service Operations & Assurance, Service Management.

Put Customer Experience at the Heart of your Business

Do you see customer experience as a key issue for your business? Our Professional Services can you become a CEM-powered organization, supporting network planning, architecture, software, product integration.

Learn more about: Mobile Broadband Performance, Customer Experience Optimization, Customer Care Automation, Services for CEM.

Global Service Delivery (GSD)

In our Global Service Delivery model, local experts work closely with a pool of global experts located at Global Delivery Centers (GDCs). The GDCs are set up to ensure that services across the complete network lifecycle are delivered with the highest quality, efficiency and speed.

Learn more about Global Service Delivery.

Why Choose Nokia Networks?

Nokia Networks is a world-leading specialist in Mobile Broadband. We manage 750 million subscribers at 190 operators in multi-vendor environments with quality, speed and efficiency.

"We are delighted that Nokia Networks has come up with an end-to-end approach to manage the service lifecycle efficiently and thus enhance customer experience to a new level."
Vodafone India