IP Partner Products

We are the leading IP systems integrator for Service Providers (SPs) with the right skills, the right partners and solutions to support your IP transformation process.

What can Nokia Networks offer?

Our partnerships with top IP vendors offer unprecedented flexibility in network design. We have completed full interoperability testing to ensure they’re a perfect fit even in multi-vendor environments.

Our IP Partners include











We’ll take responsibility for our partner products, so you’ll only have one point of contact, even where your product contains technologies from a number of different parties.

All our and our partner’s products are tested and certified at our ResIP Center where we develop most appropriate design and engineering rules to guarantee the best end-user experience.

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Why Nokia Networks?

We are the only telecommunications vendor partnering and integrating leading IP vendors into our solutions. We have almost 2,000 certified IP experts and hundreds of customers rely on our IP solutions every day. We’re building the most flexible and reliable IP-based mobile and fixed networks.

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