Subscriber Data Management

Turn your subscriber data into valuable business insight by consolidating it into a unified view and provide personalized services to improve your customers’ experience.

Subscriber data is a precious commodity for you. It provides knowledge about your customers and can form the backbone of key decisions that drive what new services and applications you bring to market.

But can you easily access your data? For many businesses, customer data is locked away in a variety of network elements and services. These closed, vendor-specific applications stifle your business and make it costly to get a single view of your customer.

Our Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solution provides a unified view of your subscriber data so you have the right information to make those key business decisions.

We’ll help consolidate your subscriber data into a highly available, real-time, unified solution, cutting costs while maximizing revenue opportunities.

You’ll get a complete view of your customers’ profiles; analytics can develop insights that help you deliver more personalized services to your customers.

And with consolidated data and multiple applications on top of it, you’ll also be able to deploy new services quicker. It is so smart that it allows you to prioritize access from the applications that are vital to the healthy operation of your mobile broadband network and it is even able to protect itself from externally caused overload situation or operational mishaps.

The open architecture also means you can develop innovative new business models with partners who add value from having a real time customer view.

As well as helping you deliver new services in the future, SDM could also help you cut costs immediately. With consolidated subscriber data you’ll reduce the capital and administration costs associated with multiple systems.

The business benefits

  • Up to 55% reduction in OPEX
  • Reduced time to market for new applications by 3 – 6 months
  • Potential for new revenue-generating services
  • Valuable customer insights
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased provisioning accuracy and overall data accuracy

Why Nokia Networks?

We are the market leader in Subscriber Data Management, with a complete application suite and 185 deployments of advanced Subscriber Data Management solutions, serving around 3.8 billion subscribers worldwide.

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