Service Quality Manager

Network and service quality have never been more important. When introducing new technologies and services, such as LTE, operators need to be sure they can deliver a high quality service experience from the start. They need a holistic and accurate picture of service behavior and performance – in real time.

Caroline Chappel from Heavy Reading on OSS Assurance (Nov 2013):

Service Quality Manager (SQM) provides a single point of entry for accurate and real-time service quality insight.

SQM addresses mobile broadband and LTE challenges by simplifying the complexity of service operations and goes beyond simply giving a full view of the data. It provides a single point of entry for accurate and real-time service quality insight based on best-in-class service models and service quality indicators. SQM correlates the relevant network and transactional data to give a holistic picture of service behavior and performance.

With SQM, an operator can easily and immediately identify how service quality for key services, such as Voice over LTE or video, is being degraded. This ensures service operations can prioritize troubleshooting and corrective actions based on the impact on services at key locations. This speeds up the resolution of service problems significantly – in some cases from one day to less than one hour.

SQM is a key bridging component between the OSS and CEM (Customer Experience Management) views, because it provides an end-to-end understanding of where and why service degradations take place and triggers actions to solve the problems.

The business benefits

Improve service quality

  • Identify proactively the possible service degradations
  • Target actions to improve service quality where it has the biggest impact on key services

 Speed up the service operations

  • Resolve problems quickly and reduce service downtime
  • Reduce site visits and field operations by 50%

Why Nokia Networks?

Our Operations Support Systems (OSS) offering brings together pre-integrated software and related professional services across the network, IT and the entire customer lifecycle.

We have more than 30 Nokia Service Quality Manager customers globally.