Bring OSS to the cloud era

Constant network growth, combination of different mobile broadband technologies and need for simplicity are driving towards new direction in OSS area. NetAct ensures a smooth evolution from existing to future network technologies as it is highly scalable and can handle not only technology lifecycle requirements, but also network growth and changes in service offering.

Nokia NetAct offers full end-to-end visibility and control over both traditional and virtualized networks. With NetAct, Nokia Networks provides sustainable and pragmatic support for implementing hybrid networks. This leads to very low entry costs and step-by-step transition to virtualized network functions.

From network management to network maximization

Availability guaranteed

NetAct is virtualized so you get automatic operational continuity in case of hardware failure. Virtual OSS also means zero downtime for hardware maintenance and near zero downtime for upgrades.

One view over your network

NetAct gives you one consolidated view over critical network operation status, and integrates information from other NetAct tools. When a problem is flagged, you can deep dive into the details to quickly locate and fix any issues.

High quality service

Real-time performance management and monitoring means improved service quality and performance.

A new level of resilience

In case of catastrophic failure, like a Network Operations Center being knocked out, NetAct functions are automatically routed to another location to ensure continuity. You also get better hardware utilization and load balancing.

Reduced costs

Increasingly automated management solutions mean fewer personnel resources are devoted to maintenance and operations, as well as making it easier to plan new networks or to introduce new technologies. All this adds up to a big drop in OPEX.

Making the most of existing network capacity also means lower CAPEX, as does the deployment of a common NetAct platform in place of separate, proprietary solutions.

Why Nokia Networks?

We have more than 320 active OSS customers. OSS is our focus, and is backed up by over 20 years of our own research and development in network management. We closely follow customer needs and industry trends, and work actively with industry bodies including TM Forum, ETSI, 3GPP and the European Union as well as other mobile broadband vendors to improve OSS interoperability.

 What our customers say:

“The virtualized NetAct 8 network management is very robust. It helps us to improve capacity to tackle the increased amount of data and transactions. It also makes it possible to have near zero downtime when upgrading systems in the future. I could also say that NetAct is much faster to use. It provides a lot of modern functionality that makes our daily work simpler and faster. We are able to work more efficiently today.” Jaeyoon Shim, Korea Telecom, 2014

What analysts are saying:

“The functionality available through NOKIA’s NetAct 8 will help operators keep communications going, even in extreme situations. This is very important for operational continuity, and is a tangible benefit resulting from virtualization.”

Clare McCarthy, Practice Leader, Telco operations & IT at Ovum

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