Operations Support Systems (OSS)

Simplify the way you run your networks and services

Our 2014 Acquisition and Retention Study Report shows that the 40% of customers are likely to churn within a year, with network and service quality continuing to be a key retention driver. How can you meet these demands while managing the increasingly complex networks?

With a suite of products and services to automate and simplify operations, you can simplify the way you run your networks and services, resulting in an excellent service experience that meets the quality demands from your subscribers and drives revenue.

What can Nokia Networks offer?

Our OSS offering brings together pre-integrated software and related professional services across the network, IT and the entire customer lifecycle.

Our capabilities consist of products (our own and best-of-breed third party) and services (including business and process consulting, systems integration, customization and optimization).

For examples from our Operations Support Systems product portfolio, see below. For further details about our offering, see the sidebar.

Performance Manager
Performance Manager provides one entry point to holistic network insight, helping operators ensure high quality networks at all times.

Service Quality Manager
Service Quality Manager provides real-time insight into service quality and in case of any service degradation the operator can instantly prioritize the problem solving and drill down to root cause.

See one unified view of your underlying networks and improve the customer experience with our industry-leading NetAct OSS.  Automated operations and seamless management of multi-technology and multi-vendor networks help you control costs. Discover more about NetAct OSS

NetAct Advanced Monitor
Understand your network and identify the problems before they impact your customers. With Advanced Monitor, you can monitor your network resources and map them to the actual services.

NetAct Configurator
Reduce costs and effort in daily network configuration operations in a multi-vendor, multi-technology environment. NetAct Configurator provides automated tools for managing network configuration and parameters, provisioning changes and correcting inconsistencies.

NetAct Optimizer
Network quality and performance is reflected directly in the end-user experience. Automate network optimization whatever the underlying technology or vendor with NetAct Optimizer. Optimizer plays a key role in self-optimization for Self-organizing Networks (SON).

Serve atOnce Traffica
See real-time activity in your networks, and get the full picture of your customers’ experience. You can analyze how your services are being used and use that insight to make decisions about your services and your business. Get real insight into your customers

Integration Center
Speed up the integration process and reduce costs by building and testing your own NetAct integrations in our virtual environment, without having to call for support.
Get access to our testing environment.

NetAct Core Networks Productivity Suite
Use your core network assets more effectively, lower operations costs and improve network reliability. NetAct Core Networks Productivity Suite automatically and rapidly allocates core network resources to meet unpredictable voice and mobile broadband demands.

Why Nokia Networks?

We are the #1 OSS/BSS vendor in 2009 and 2010 and 2011 based on public deals (Source: Informa) with over 5 million networks elements managed with our OSS.

Our multivendor network management capabilities are second to none with 60% of the over 1,5 million network elements managed from our GNOCs are from other vendors.

With over 1200 network management solutions and over 800 NetAct installations, we have the deep experience that you are looking for in a OSS vendor.

We are the first SID certified company by TM Forum for complete OSS area: network management, customer experience, charging & billing. (May 2010)

Contact us to find out more about how our OSS can help you get a holistic view of your networks’ performance.