Multicontroller Platform

Continued operator success in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing mobile market is challenging. That’s why the use of high-performance network platforms that have the  flexibility to manage the increasing demands placed on them is imperative. Nokia Multicontroller is one such platform. Through the clever use of software and revolutionary hardware, this innovative radio network controller delivers the necessary flexibility and much more.

Nokia's Multicontroller platform is a field-proven next generation radio network controller for GSM and WCDMA, designed specifically to deliver flexibility and with it, competitive advantage.

Our Multicontroller platforms are commercially available and deployed around the world –the Multicontroller Base Station Controller (BSC) and Multicontroller Transcoder (TC) for GSM networks; and the Multicontroller Radio Network Controller (RNC) for WCDMA networks. The Multicontroller platform is configured via software, meaning that as subscribers’ usage patterns change over time, so the Multicontroller can easily be reconfigured to meet the new demands placed on it. Similarly, if additional capacity is required, it is simply a case of adding another module. As the modules are very compact they are easily deployed, ensuring that costs, relative to capacity demands, are optimized and deployment concerns are eased.

The Multicontroller platform also lets you select the network topology that’s best for you - from highly centralized, high-capacity configurations to distributed architectures with several smaller controller sites located closer to base station clusters.

Importantly the Multicontroller affords investment protection by maximizing hardware re-use and enabling straightforward migration from GSM to WCDMA.

Additionally, both Multicontroller BSC and Multicontroller RNC can be installed as extension modules to existing GSM and WCDMA network controller equipment, which increases capacity and increases the  return on investment from existing network controllers.

The benefits

  • Allows straightforward reconfiguration of network controller resources as required, depending on voice or data usage patterns
  • Capacity can be readily scaled in line with demand, meaning that investments are optimized
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership by, by simplifying deployment, reducing power consumption and extending the useful life of existing network controllers
  • Commercially deployed around the world; backed-up by Nokia Networks commitment to innovation and services excellence
  • Protects your investment with straightforward upgrade from GSM to WCDMA and equipment re-use

Why Nokia Networks?

Our Multicontroller platform features the highest capacity and peak data rates commercially available today.

As early as 2011, we demonstrated the impressive capabilities of Multicontroller RNC, at several industry events including a stunning 336 Mbps data call at PT Expo Comm in Bejiing, China.

The Multicontroller typifies Nokia Networks “innovative thinking”, combine this with ever increasing Multicontroller deployments around the world and our renowned services team we can help ensure that your network delivers year after year.

Contact us to find out more about how our Multicontroller platforms can save you OPEX and protect your investments.