Nokia TD-LTE delivers top network quality and fast return on investment

Nokia Networks has carved out a clear leadership position in LTE and TD-LTE. We have spearheaded LTE development, building an exceptionally experienced R&D team dedicated to creating innovative, future proof and class leading solutions for operators in all markets. The result is a high performance, cost-effective solution based on our flagship and award-winning Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station. Our exceptional LTE products are giving operators benefit of high customer satisfaction as seen from the unprecedented subscriber penetration in the deployed networks*.

We are globalizing TD-LTE and have launched first commercial TD-LTE networks in Latin America, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Nokia demonstrating 3.8 Gbps TDD-FDD LTE throughput

Nokia Networks and Sprint hit 2.6Gbps throughput over TD-LTE

Nokia Networks and KT demonstrates SuperTM9 LTE-advanced technique over TD-LTE

Optus and Nokia build world’s first ‘Gigasite’, achieving 1.7 Gbps downlink in a live network

The Nokia TD-LTE solution begins with our high capacity Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station built with broad range of radio options such as our newest TD-LTE 4-pipe radio module, TD-LTE 6-pipe radio module and TD-LTE 8-pipe radio module. It also includes our industry high capacity baseband - Flexi Multiradio system module. The Flexi Multiradio system module is unique with its integrated transport module, LTE-Advanced capability, and is capable of delivering up to 10Gbps capacity in a Liquid Radio baseband pool architecture.

Nokia TD-LTE solution includes a number of unique features that dramatically expand capacity and coverage – for example, our 6-sector site capability delivers up to 80% more capacity and 40% more coverage than typical 3 sectors systems.1

Our Smart Scheduler capability enables top network quality and up to 40% lower TCO by enabling more simultaneous subscribers in a given site.2 In addition, our interference mitigation techniques (IMT) field software is delivering more than 100% improvement in downlink and cell throughput and 35% improvement in uplink throughput – resulting in fantastic user experiences with fewer sites deployed.3

World's first ( Authorized Shared Access ) field trial rebranded

The business benefits

  • Top network quality that delivers unmatched end-user experience
  • Reduce TCO by 40% using Smart Scheduler and our interference mitigation techniques
  • Provides unprecedented scalability and flexibility
  • Protects your investment

Why Nokia Networks?

  • We offer TD-LTE using our most award winning Flexi platform deployed in more than 450 networks
  • We lead the industry in LTE infrastructure contracts.4
  • We are clear leaders in commercializing TD-LTE ecosystems, both in terms of total deployments and first-to-market (the first TD-LTE commercial launch and first 4G/TD-LTE network in Latin America, first TD-LTE launch in Russia, and first TD-LTE launch in Saudi Arabia).
  • We are a leading global vendor for China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC) engagements.
  • Our commercial deployment process is supported by a network of Smart Labs in Asia, Europe and North America delivering interoperability with multiple chipset vendors.

1 Nokia Networks study of 6 sectors versus 3 sectors
2 Nokia Networks study based on Signals Research analysis of LTE networks
3 TD-LTE Field Tests in India’s Field Trial Networks
4 Maravedis, November 15th, 2011

*Example: NTT docomo subscriber penetration increased by 1Milion in one month from July 2012 to August 2012