Long Term Evolution (LTE)

Give your customers a superior mobile broadband experience.

Your customers expect their experience of mobile broadband to be smooth, continuous and rapid. Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is the most efficient mobile broadband technology for providing an excellent user experience. It offers the highest data rates and shortest latency times.

LTE can be used on both paired and unpaired spectrum allocations, making it a truly global technology. Over 500 operators in more than 150 countries are investing in LTE networks.

We have LTE centers in markets all over the world and works closely with suppliers to ensure smooth implementation and operation. We can supply LTE (FDD mode) and TD-LTE to markets around the world. Our close cooperation with the leading LTE device suppliers ensures end-to-end interoperability, and our 4G devices complement our infrastructure solutions and help operators to launch LTE services.

The business benefits

  • Delivers extremely fast broadband for customers
  • Operates on a global standard
  • Offers efficient delivery and smooth implementation


Nokia LTE in Korea

Why Nokia Networks?

We are the LTE supplier to roughly half the communications service provides who have commercially launched LTE including advanced mobile broadband markets such as Northern Europe, South Korea and Japan.

We have deployed LTE on all major frequency bands.

As of October 10 2014, we have 154 commercial references in place for the delivery of LTE.

LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation faster everywhere


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