Mobile Broadband

Giving you the smart networks which help your customers to fully enjoy their smart devices.

The Simple Truth about Mobile Broadband

More and more of your customers are using mobile broadband. They expect their smart devices to be always connected and they’re accessing an increasing variety of services and applications.

Nokia Networks offers you the smart networks which enhance the experience of your customers. We help you give your customers the ability to connect anytime, anywhere – to the people, places and services they want.

We will provide high-quality and cost-efficient network capacity and coverage. We can also support you as you prepare to meet the technologies of the future.

Our mobile broadband products are unique in many ways. They decrease the load on your networks, increase the speed of connection, improve the responsiveness of your customers’ applications and increase the battery life of devices.

What can Nokia Networks offer?

Single RAN Advanced

One tool for all technologies - respond to increased traffic over your multiradio network and decrease costs with our Single Radio Access Advanced


Give your customers the best mobile experience with our approach to Long Term Evolution

Small Cells

Nokia Networks offers the industry’s most comprehensive small cells portfolio, including Nokia Networks’ award-winning Flexi Zone as well as solutions and services to deliver a unified Heterogeneous Network.


The vast majority of all mobile broadband users are in WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ networks. We have the most customers. Find out how we can enhance smartphone user experience and boost capacity efficiently and  how our Liquid Radio WCDMA Software Suite boosts 3G network capacity.


GSM serves over 60% of mobile subscribers, and we supply GSM networks that serve around 3 billion subscribers. Find out how we can benefit your customers


We are a major force in the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) industry. See how we can help you deliver the best to your customers

Why Nokia Networks?

We supply networks to operators that serve more than 4 billion people around the world.

Contact us to find out how our mobile broadband products can make your network smarter.